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BudgetVM Review – Best Cloud Hosting Provider in the World


You have landed on this page because you probably want to know about cloud hosting and read reviews of the best hosting provider who can stand up to your expectations. If this is the case, you are on the right platform.

Before digging deep, it is vital to know the need to purchase a cloud server.

Why is cloud server imperative?

Well, cloud hosting pulls its resources from a variety of sources to create a virtual server instead. With a shared website hosting server, if your server goes down, your site will indeed go down. However, if a cloud server goes down, other servers in the system will be capable of picking up the slack in that scenario. Cloud hosting gives you an excellent balance between price, affordability, reliability, and power to run your operations smoothly.

Here are the key benefits of cloud hosting

  • Highly secure
  • Centralized collaboration
  • Access from everywhere
  • Scalable
  • Time and money-saving

BudgetVM- Leading the market with its top-notch cloud hosting servers.

BudgetVM stands first among their counterparts with its impressive features and norms that they have set for their business, along with a reliable money-back guarantee.

Besides the customization options, they have flexible data center options for their users. What’s more, there is no equivalent to them when it comes to reliability and flexibility. Their reasonable prices and tested customer support services make them the best of the best.

Here is an entire breakdown of BudgetVM’s customer rating based on pricing, customer services, and reliability.

What benefits are included in BudgetVM’s Cloud hosting plans?


Random access memory is a kind of digital storage system responsible for storing and making available, temporarily, all the data needed to run a program. For the majority of websites, a GB) or two is sufficient to cover or you may need more later when your website traffic starts increasing. Currently, BudgetVM’s cloud hosting offering a bandwidth of a minimum of 2GB and a maximum of 16GB which vary from plan to plan.

CPU Cores

Computer Processing Units (CPUsare considered as the cores of your website hosting server. They act as the brain, processing information. Generally, the more core processor you have, the more effective your website becomes. They are offering 1 core processor to 6 core processors, which again changes as per plan and pricing.


Bandwidth is the amount of data that can flow between servers, the internet, and users. Bandwidth dictates how much information can travel along with its connections, as well as how quickly. Hosting with good bandwidth helps your website to handle the high traffic of your website. BudgetVM has 100mbps of bandwidth in their SSD cloud hosting plans.

Get an overview of their cloud hosting plans and pricing here:

Why choose BudgetVM for your cloud hosting need?

  1. Security

BudgetVM follows a plethora of security measures to protect their client’s servers and websites. Furthermore, they also offer additional security features at an additional charge.

  1. Customer Services

The best part is you can reap the benefits of their 24*7 customer support services along with an automated client portal. They also provide a 30-day money-back guarantee.

  1. Network

In case your website goes down, users will find it hard to access it. Hence, BudgetVM has a maximum network uptime guarantee (Uptime refers to the time your website is up online.)

Additional features

  1. Multiple Domain Capability

One of the greatest benefits of opting BudgetVM’s cloud hosting service is there is no need to sign up for a different web hosting package for each domain because BudgetVM lets you add all of your domains under one subscription package along with sub-domains.

  1. E-mail Facilities

At BudgetVM you will get a different email package, which varies in features. You simply need to figure out how many email accounts you can set up for each domain and ask about other important features associated with e-mail accounts.

  1. Data Backup Capacities

BudgetVM offers adequate backup capabilities. As anyone would guess, it’s anything but fun when you lose a good deal of data. However, most of the hosting providers do not offer back-up services, you will have to purchase your backup service subscription and backup your website on a third-party site.

Here are the load statistics of BudgetVM:

Bottom line

Cloud hosting servers of BudgetVM allow many computers to work together with reliability, run many applications besides using combined computing sources collectively. Hence, it is worth investing money in purchasing Secure Cloud Access hosting servers from BudgetVM.

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