Interpretation of the Appearance and Function of HONOR Smart Watch


HONOR is a sub-brand of HUAWEI. The price is more popular than HUAWEI series. The function and appearance of HONOR series products are no less than HUAWEI series. It has been loved by young people. Today we are going to interpret Watch Magic, one of HONOR’s smart watches. You can purchase this watch on HONOR SmartWatch official store in UK. So let’s take a look at what attracts this smart watch.

The first is the appearance. HONOR Watch Magic looks simple. If you look closely, it is special. Because the watchband is made of Italian cowhide. If looking closely, you can see the printed texture. This watch looks advanced. The back of the watch is made of silicone rubber. This is a skin-friendly material. In appearance, this watch is low-key luxury.

HONOR Smart Watch has a touch screen of 1.2 inches. It uses the 390*390 high-definition touch screen. There is no need to worry about not being able to see the screen clearly outdoors. Because this smart watch uses 800nits brightness. It allows you to see the screen clearly even outdoors.

Battery life is one of the cores of electronic equipment. Smart watches can last for about two weeks in daily use. The charger of 5V1A can charge more than 80% in one hour. In terms of endurance, full-functional endurance can last for 5-7 days. If you simply turn on the pedometer, the endurance will exceed 10 days.

Because HONOR Smart Watch focuses on sports functions, we have to talk about its sports functions. It can detect heart rate in real-time. There are 15 sports modes to choose from. It supports indoor and outdoor activities. You can set sports goals in it to urge you to exercise. After the completion of the campaign, there will be an evaluation. It makes exercise more colorful. Sports such as mountaineering and swimming can provide air pressure changes. It can provide heart rate change reminder at any time.

In addition to motor function, there is the function of sleep detection. Smart watches can make suggestions and improvements to sleep. It is according to personal breathing frequency records.

The smart watch is equipped with GPS, GLONASS and GALIEO positioning. You can obtain accurate positioning information.

We can connect smart watches to mobile phones. This is to listen to songs at the same time. It has its own storage function. There is about 2.2 G of space to store music. In sports, even if you don’t take your mobile phone with you, you can listen to music. This is convenient for people who like to listen to music in sports.

As long as the watch and mobile phone match, you will never miss any information or incoming calls. Hotel and flight information will be sent to the watch. We should use it on mobile phones running EMUI9.1 or later HONOR and HUAWEI series. This function facilitates personal travel.

This HONOR Smart Watch is excellent in terms of endurance, appearance and sports. It is practical in work and life. You can buy this watch at HONOR SmartWatch official store in UK. The official website can ensure consumers’ purchasing rights and interests.


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