Is Reddit a reliable source for information?


There are times when you want quick but reliable information and Wikipedia just won’t cut it. Yes, there are many sources that you can find online, but, don’t you think that user experience plays a big role in it? Of course even the reliable sources often have fake reviews by many users who’re just leading traffic to their websites to make a quick buck, but there are always ways to differentiate them from value and authentic sources. Before moving ahead, let’s go through a little history about Reddit, and everything it stands for.

What is Reddit?

According to Wikipedia, Reddit was founded by roommates, Steve Huffman, Alexis Ohanian, and Aaron Swartz back in 2005 at the University of Virginia. However, Condé Nast Publications acquired the website in 2006.

What does Reddit stand for? How does this platform work?

At a bird’s eye view, Reddit mainly thrives as a community. It’s where users from all over the world work towards building the platform as contributors, commenters, upvote / downvoters, and seeders who are just there for a little guidance.

Users can register for free by creating their accounts, create posts, add links, and create subreddits. However, the value of a post is only considered as reliable depending on the number of upvotes and reshares it gets. If a post is upvoted a considerably great number of times, its visibility increases.

There are many communities on Reddit. For instance, they’re broken up into subreddits categories. Some of them include English grammar, parenting guidelines, the best vacations spots, or even the best VPN for Reddit according to user-experiences. You’ll find all of this and more on the platform.

Is Reddit a reliable source of information?

According to the “American Press Institute” Reddit ranks as the second most popular and trust social media platform among users worldwide. This is mainly for all those who’re seeking trusted and valuable information. Reddit is ranked among other great options like “LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.” Even though Reddit is statured to be a social media platform, it, however, is much more than that.

So, why exactly is Reddit a trusted source?

It’s valuable, trusted, and most of all, it offers a platform for users from all over the world to share their views, authentic reviews and guidelines that are authentic. Yes, as mentioned above, there are many users who often provide fake links and reviews, and you’ll know by the constant advertisement robotic language that lacks any human emotion.

For instance, let’s talk about one of the most popular subreddits topics called r/VPN. You’ll see various kinds of posts like this: “I was looking for the best VPN deals for a yearly package and came across this website that offered it”, but will have different answers and clues around them.

For starters, you’ll see links or posts, or comments from other users verifying the source or degrading it. According to that you’ll know what source is authentic and what’s not. Just because a post gets an uber amount of upvotes doesn’t necessarily mean the post is great. You also need to rely on your intuition or instinct.