Enjoy the Pros of Bitcoin VPS Hosting Without Any Compromise


Virtual Private Server or VPS offers website owners the freedom to have their own virtual equipment just like a dedicated server. You can handle moderate traffic with a frequent heavy spike.

As your own the operating system with VPS plans, you get to tailor your needs. You have dedicated resources in opposition to shared hosting, where a single server gets shared among several users, who can capture the RAM when you need most. VPS plan can get upgraded, whenever your website needs to grow.

You may prefer to buy VPS hosting services that allow bitcoin as a payment method. Bitcoin or BTC is a virtual currency, which offers crypto peer-to-peer transactions across the web without any need for fiat currency. Bitcoin is decentralized, so it has its own pros and cons. You will need to look for a reputable and established bitcoin vps hosting provider like 1Gbits. Let’s first understand why it is essential to research and choose a credible bitcoin VPS hosting services.

  • People programming bitcoin apps know the significance of security, but hackers are always a step ahead. To understand hackers and malware, different skills are needed. With bitcoin, hacking means losing all your money stored in the e-wallet. So, it is crucial to ensure that the hosting provider has invested in end-to-end payment process security.
  • BTC market is highly volatile, so the rates can fluctuate in minutes and hours. If you make a payment in bitcoins, then you lose money if the value decreases. You will need to pay more than conventional money, especially when the hosting provider took the time to convert the bitcoin.
  • Bitcoin technology does not allow payment chargeback or reversal. Once the amount leaves your wallet, it cannot get reverted. Payments in BTC are a one-way transaction. It is crucial to check the hosting provider to avoid getting trapped in a scam. The fake host can run away with your bitcoins.

You now understand the need to do thorough research before choosing a bitcoin VPS hosting provider. You can enjoy the pros of bitcoin VPS without any compromise.

Payment efficiency

Bitcoin payments are simple as there is no need of using a payment card.


The payments made are no connected with your personal identity as it uses a decentralized platform. You can perceive it as a cash-only payment. No one can trace the payment to its correct usage. Every transaction’s address gets changed even from the same user.


Bitcoin payers don’t need to reveal their personal details or financial information. Cryptocurrencies are digital cash, which goes through a decentralized network. They are completely untraceable.

Transaction ease

You will not ask for address proof, passport details, or ID card for making payments with BTC. You can make payments all across the world using BTC. You need a mobile phone and Wi-Fi to upgrade or renew your bitcoin VPS hosting package from any country.

Check the accounting laws in your jurisdiction associated with hosting costs and expenses, as BTC will make it hard to provide proof. Overall, you need to thoroughly research the bitcoin VPS hosting service and legalities to enjoy the advantages of the BTC payment option without any compromise.