5 Quick Tips to Secure Your Cloud Hosting Server


As the web hosting needs of websites evolved, Cloud Hosting established itself as a fast, cost-efficient and reliable option. A shared server backed by a robust cloud storage network makes it a smarter way to store, manage, and share data. While Cloud Hosting is more secure than most traditional hosting services, you can take some steps to boost the security of your Cloud Hosting server and give your website a better protected hosting environment. While choosing a reliable Cloud Hosting provider is critical, you also need to follow a few security guidelines to further fortify your server. 

Today, we will share five quick tips to help you secure your Cloud Hosting server.

Tip 1. Use Encryption

When you think about data security, encryption should be the first thing on your mind. Ensure that whenever anyone interacts with your Cloud Hosting server, it happens through an encrypted channel – Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). It helps in protecting your data in transit between the user and your server. You must also ensure that sensitive data stored in the cloud, like credit card details, and any other personally identifiable information is encrypted too.

Tip 2. Scan for vulnerabilities

Prevention is better than cure. So while you must deploy the latest security tools to fight any virus or malware, identifying vulnerabilities that allow them to infect your server should be at the top of the checklist. Ensure that you scan your server regularly, look for vulnerabilities, and patch them before a hacker exploits them and gains unauthorised access to your site.

Tip 3. Boost user-level protection

Ensure that each user has the right privileges on the server. While this can be a tedious task, it goes a long way in ensuring the security of your Cloud Hosting server.

Tip 4. Use a reliable storage solution

Storage solutions like Ceph Storage offer data redundancy by replicating your site data. Such storage solutions save data in erasure-coded pools that make it easier to retrieve and reconstruct lost data. It helps in boosting the reliability of your server.

Tip 5. Controlled access to data

When you have sensitive data stored on the Cloud Hosting server, it is prudent to assume that hackers will be able to compromise the passwords and gain access to it. Hence, controlling access to the data is essential to ensure that only those authorised to access the data can do so. Security measures like two-factor authentication can help you put these controls in place. While they can be time-consuming, they add a much-needed layer of security to your server.

Summing Up

In today’s times, an insecure website can lose business and reputation in no time. Also, security vulnerabilities can expose you to the risk of losing valuable data and suffering its consequences too. Hence, it is critical not to leave any stone unturned while creating security protocols for your cloud server. Use the latest tools and employ the services of a professional if needed to ensure that your server gets maximum protection. Before you buy a plan, talk to the hosting service provider and ensure that you are satisfied with the security measure in place. Good Luck!