MilesWeb Host Review : Favourable for Indian People in 2020 ?


In today’s online world everyone is excited and is necessary to put your business online so as to get your online mark and earn some good response from the customers in online way to highlight and list your services/products/views on the internet for that you would be requiring website so to get website hosted on the online platform to get visible to the customer web hosting is crucial part played in this era.  There are many web hosting competitors that are offering web hosting services but out of it you need to choose a reputed and well established host that can provide you the wide range of hosting features that are require for your site to get online and get the most benefit from it with an affordable pricing.

Basically it is about the server location where you are want, redundancy worth, a website, such as a blog or an e-commerce site so that anyone can access and can get the traffic audience and users accordingly.

Unlimited simply includes the more amount of disk space, CPU and bandwidth limitations that you actually use in your web hosting account, the more it costs the hosting provider.

Web hosts that offer unlimited hosting plans have already taken this into account with their pricing structure and the usage accordingly.

  • How Unlimited hosting works ?

I can recommend you for MilesWeb as the best hosting in india because of its convenient dashboard, affordable prices, and unlimited offerings. Unlimited doesn’t meant unlimited it is amt of the space and bandwidth that is being offered to you on that plan.

If you think that traffic can rise suddenly and need to expand the hosting plan. Then a limited web hosting plan may not be beneficial for you as it can lead to loose of customers. Thus, to avoid exceeding resources for your shared hosting plan it’s better to choose an unlimited web hosting plan you can choose from MilesWeb they offer  Turbo plan  which offers you unlimited hosting plan feature which is necessary  for your business expansion and handling of traffic efficiently without any load. To avail the benefits of completely unlimited resources without any barriers selecting unlimited web hosting is best that I can recommend to your site.

  • Know About MilesWeb

MilesWeb started its own hosting company in 2012, now they have cross the mark of 20+ clients from all over the world including mostly clients from India. MilesWeb is one of the fastest growing web hosting companies which offers reliable and convenient services they are also known for offering
best reseller hosting plans to their clients in India as well as abroad in affordable rates. MilesWeb offers wide range of beneficial services from Shared hosting, Reseller hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, and Cloud hosting, etc.

  • Features offered by MilesWeb –
  1. Free Domain name –

MilesWeb provides free domain or you can use the existing domain with them without any charge with an unlimited hosting plan they offer free domain feature in every hosting plan except tyro plan to customers you just need to pay for hosting service. While other hosting providers charge you for the domain registration.

  1. Free SSL Certificate

MilesWeb provides free SSL certificate even with the basic hosting plan also which other hosting won’t provide it for free so you don’t have to worry about the security. It is also a good sign for protecting your customer’s data. It is completely free and trusted symbol of website.

  1. 24×7 Support

MilesWeb provides 24×7 customer support which many companies don’t provide. MilesWeb is known for its excellent support service. They provide 24×7 live chat and email support. You will be satisfied by their top-notch support service.

  1. Global DataCenters

MilesWeb provides the server location options which many other companies don’t provide you can choose from the server location which is near to you or based upon your target audience they offer server location in India, USA, UK, Australia, Canada and Singapore. This function of them is really beneficial to host your website on your preferred location.

  1. 30 Days Money back guarantee

MilesWeb offers 30 days money back guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with their service then you can get your money back within 30 days money back guarantee.

  1. Free Website Builder

Through website builder helps you to find your website easily, you will find a lot of templates to build your website and get your site online with MilesWeb free website builder tool you can go online within no time. MilesWeb offers a website builder to help beginners quickly publish the website without any coding knowledge required to customer.

  1. Uptime –

Uptime determines the time that the server your site runs on stays working in Uptime your site is visible to the customer. More downtime creates or may harm your traffic and customers so make sure you choose hosting that offer excellent uptime. If the users can’t open your site, that’s a lost opportunity and creates downtime which is not good for a site so MilesWeb offers 99.95% Uptime which is best in the industry


We Have Describe Short Comparison between MilesWeb & Hostgator 

  • MilesWeb offers you basic plan starting from 40/mo which is less than (1$).

  • Hostgator offers starter plan which costs you around 99/mo.

  • When we compare both the providers Hostgator charges you much more as compared to MilesWeb.
  • MilesWeb provides free website builder, wherein Hostgator charges you for it.
  • MilesWeb provides free SSL certificate whereas Hostgator doesn’t provide it for free they are paid feature.

  • MilesWeb offers free domain with an unlimited plan while Hostgator doesn’t provide it for free.


MilesWeb is the best hosting offering unlimited hosting solution to its customers in reasonable rates which is better as per customer’s point of view as they focus on customer satisfaction and is always offering beyond your demand especially their wide features, services and 24×7 support makes them at the top priority in the hosting options in India. I hope you won’t be any sort of issues left on you to choose them and enjoy your hosting journey.