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Every firm or company is there all around the globe which faces or comes across the flare-up of the data. Different kinds of data comprise of sales records, client information, previous proposals, management information, reports and many other kinds of data. A plethora of such information or data just ends up being getting discarded at or dumped at the organization or company’s internal file server, the deprived and forgotten server in the data centre which no one applauds, but they would not be able to work without it, if it is gone. So, its high time that you showed some concern for the server and introduced some good archiving solution like that of an archiving software from Mltek. For more information, you can check Mltek Software’s website.

Value for Money

Mltek’s archiving product is one of the most unbelievable values for money, and if that is not enough for people, then they have the choice to choose a free option. Some of the highlights of the archiving products are as follows –

  • It is very efficacious
  • The largest file system at present archived stands at 3.4 peta bytes
  • It is one of the most offensive numbers of folders and files considering that it is archived with a single machine equipped with just 4 vCPU’s and 6 GB of RAM.
  • Yes, that’s correct, just 4 vCPUs and 6 GB of RAM to manage 3.4 PETA BYTES of unstructured files and folders.

The secret of how this can be done can found in the principle of keep it simple and sober. Here in this, no pointers to files, no files and no metadata file is ever stored in any kind of database. A lot of things are done at the system level of file. Also, known as file system level. And, this is exactly what makes or creates the solution so amazingly efficient.

Store More and Spend Less

In ArchiverFS from Mltek, there is no requirement for any type of a dedicated storage and there are manifold placement options that are of great assistance without the need for spending a lot of money. Every file, attributes, NTFS permissions, and other features are stored at all the hours. What’s more every file place in the structure of directory is stored all the times and there is an option of shortcuts which can be left behind in the place of archived files. You can also archive to several cloud storage like the following –

  • Amazon AWS
  • Azure
  • And many others.

Besides that, you can also see the target through the UNC path which you can archive to it. Apart from that, in the past few years Mltek has picked up a good list of customers like that of GEA, Wells Fargo and several other names of the household. These are firms which have turnover of billions and they choose their solutions with Mltek, when they have compared the offerings ofn Mltek, they choose Mltek products which is the best part. Several licensing options are available which comprises of the following –

  • Perpetual
  • Free
  • Subscription

Making sure that there is an option which will fit into all the budgets.

Good Support for Non-Windows Storage

The up-to-date version of ArchiversFS now comprises of better support or good support for non-windows storage by providing users with the capacity to disable the tenacity of file level NTFS audit settings when files are archived. The ability to preserve these entries is dependent on the, ‘Manage Audit Log Entries’ also known as SeSecurity user right that is granted to the account that is being used to do the archiving, which is most of the time very difficult on non-windows storage arrays like EMC VNX arrays. The up-to-date version also comprises of this new skins along with many other enhancement’s and it is highly suggested upgrade for all the consumers regardless the storage that is used or in use.

With ArchiversFS One Can Save Time & Money

Did you ever try to sit and think why there is no simple solution or effective way to manage the years and years of old files that have gathered in your file server? Why does the products and tools which is available revolve around trying to influence database to manage with what is basically a file system issue? But archiversFS is different. It works at the level of the file system, and gives the user a structured way to transfer all of the old and unused files to 2nd tier storage, without the need to store files, even files, pointers to files metadata in a database.

Most of the Features that You Can Expect Are

  • Flawless stubs which can be kept in place of old files, after they have been transferred or migrated
  • Then, reporting
  • A plethora of choices to manage how the files can be transferred like the size, type, file age and so on
  • Once the file has been migrated the ability to compress it
  • Plus, getting huge scalability, compatibility, agent-free operation, with many technologies like DFS and de-duplication.

Trial of New Products

At present Mltek is looking some users you can assist them in trying their newest products like IP Spider. Mostly, you will be like a firm or company that is highly dependent on external TCP or IP connectivity, and most possibly in the telecom sector. IP spider is a hugely scalable high fidelity multi-threaded network route that is seeing or monitoring all the products. It is made in such a way for the use by the companies that absolutely have to know not if their external connections are up and if they are not working, then why the connections are not working. Even in the most complicated space, the IP spider is capable of identifying exactly where there is a loss of connectivity that has occurred within seconds down to the exact hop, even if you are using the or routing over the internet that is public in nature.

Release of IP Spider and ArchiversFS

Once the IP spider is released, the Mltek will be offering on all the beta sites huge discounts once it is generally released. Also, you can get now subscription licenses for archiversFS. Till now, all the licenses were perpetual and worked on the basis of buy once and use forever types with yearly support renewals. Notwithstanding the licensing cost being a portion of the close competitors, the fact that archiversFS already is representing an amazing money saving thing or model. They are able to offer a subscription-based license along with the perpetual license that enables them, to offer a way to expand the initial price more evenly over the 2 years +. Therefore, if you are looking for finding a simple and cost-effective solution to get a grip on your expanding fille system, choose ArchiversFS solution.





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