Things to Know about Summarizing vs. Paraphrasing


We frequently struggle while writing to decide whether to summarize or paraphrase. Summarizing and paraphrasing are two distinct writing styles. You need to know whether you should paraphrase or summarize a piece. Let us examine each of these writing styles to assist you to decide which will be most beneficial for you.

The practice of rephrasing

You rework something using your own words when you paraphrase. You must not use any of the words from the original text as your own. Make sure the paraphrased material is roughly the same length as the original text and that you express the original text’s content in plain terms. In a sense, you concentrate on the main idea and then rephrase using your own words by accurately comprehending the original content.

You can often paraphrase a paragraph instead of utilizing a lot of quotations, which can make the material read a little awkwardly. While paraphrasing, keep in mind to discuss the text’s main idea and make an effort to create a unique phrase with noticeably different sentence constructions.

Additionally, make sure to correctly cite the source content.

Writing effective summaries

It is frequently necessary to condense a text while yet maintaining its original essence. Summarizing the material is the best option if you need to make it shorter and written on your terms. When you summarize a text, you rewrite the original content in fewer words while keeping the major ideas in mind. You might be asked to sum up a 2000-word essay, for instance. The next step is to comprehend the essay’s topic before making a list of its essential elements.

After that, you may begin composing your essay summary, which will give readers a quick outline of the paper’s content. A wonderful technique to learn what is in the text is to read summaries. Summaries often comprise one-third of the original piece or, in the case of a general overview, just a few lines. For you to genuinely produce a fantastic summary, you must make sure that you take note of all the crucial information.

Take the assistance of the online realm

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To write the best summary, consider taking assistance from the online realm. Numerous options have been made available online to help you write a precise summary without changing the meaning of the content. You should not be complacent with your choice of summary tool, as it would determine the kind of summary you give to your readers.