NetbaseQuid Social Listening Solutions to Leverage Influencers


Social listening is about knowing and responding to the most influential aspects of a brand’s consumer base. It involves careful planning and calculated responses that leverage modern tools. Companies that adopt listening tools can influence the conversations consumers engage in about their brand.

Influencers can often be directly targeted. Such efforts benefit how a brand is perceived in the moment. When brand chatter and influencer opinions are taken together, loyalty can be significantly improved. Keep in mind that the true power behind social listening has yet to be fully realized.

The Power of Social Listening Tools

Listening tools are expected to grow in influence as artificial intelligence and social analytics advance. This is why companies like NetbaseQuid are in such demand. NetbasQuid maximizes the aspects of AI and analytics that work best together. The listening tools that it develops have become an invaluable asset for the competitive marketplace.

What to Look For among Influencers and Detractors

Identifying industry influencers and advocates are among the most crucial aspects that make up an effective social listening campaign. Businesses need to look for relevant consumer sentiment, conversations, vocal advocates and detractors, emerging opportunities, as well as identify the issues that have the greatest impact upon loyalty. Long-term consumer satisfaction takes work. Thankfully, there are specific actions that provide a consistent return on investment.

Targeting Influencers and Advocates

In return for honest efforts made in a listening campaign, brands can expect influencers to respond with powerful advocacy. There are indeed degrees to the commitment and advocacy of influencers. The same goes for detractors. This is part of the reason why listening tools are so crucial. They help manage trends and respond most appropriately to emerging events. Advocacy campaigns need to be treated with respect for the delicate balance of market conditions.

Managing Trends

Modern social media listening tools have greatly advanced. The best social listening tools improve a brand’s response to problems. Some issues can now even be managed in real-time. Tools also increase the chances of successfully cashing in on new opportunities.

Engaging in Conversations and Brand Loyalty

Reaching out to a consumer base is directly related to the ability to analyze customer feedback. This sets the foundation for creating memorable experiences. Tracking brand sentiment is also necessary. Trends that affect consumer passions about a brand will factor significantly into growing a loyal customer base.

Extended engagement efforts are crucial following any response to trending brand issues. This presents the ideal time to build brand loyalty. It also demonstrates the value the company places upon the consumer.

Influencing Conversations and Improving Loyalty

It’s not easy to develop a relationship with a large group of people. Nevertheless, a caring and meaningful relationship with a brand is increasingly expected by modern consumers. And there’s no sign of the tide shifting. Planning is important. So are adhering to core values. Still, the sooner brands adopt listening tools the better.

About NetbaseQuid

NetbaseQuid specializes in social analytics. It provides custom tools that improve a business’s ability to effectively listen amidst the massive amount of social media data. The secret behind NetbaseQuid’s ability to help brands reach their goals is in how it pairs analytics with AI solutions. The company tirelessly pioneers new solutions and compatibility for the expressed purposes of targeted listening. The results speak for themselves. Furthermore, the tools NetbaseQuid provides are adaptable for current market trends. Clients find themselves at the forefront of influencing subject matter that’s most relevant to their operations.


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