Monitor Your Kid’s Phone Instead of Taking It Away


Technology has gradually evolved and has become an integral aspect of our lives. A cell phone is known to be the best electronic device to have come out so far. This electronic device is not only used to make phone calls and text messages now. In fact, it can be used for so much more. 

With your average cell phone, you can access the internet whenever you want and also use apps, play games, listen to music, use social media platforms, and watch your favourite videos on YouTube. Each individual owns a cell phone these days. Even your kids have it and they cannot imagine their lives without it. 

As a parent, it can become trickier to navigate their cell phone, especially in their presence. There may be many instances when you feel the need to take your kid’s phone away to protect them from online dangers or to simply punish them for their wrong behavior. But kids are kids. They can backfire on you. 

You need to understand that depriving your kids of cell phones may not be the best choice. You should think of other options such as spy phone of your kids by taking them in your confidence. 

Avoid Taking Cell Phone Away from Your Kids 

Now let us understand why you should not be taking the cell phones away from your kids. There are several reasons for you to not take your kid’s cell phone away from them. It’s easier for kids and teens to get around the loss of a cell phone. They might remove the SIM card from their cell phone before giving it to you and insert it into an older phone if you have one at home. 

If you don’t have an unused, older phone at home, there’s a high chance one of your kid’s friends does. And suppose even if they don’t have one, your kid still has the option of downloading a texting app on their iPad or another tablet or use instant messaging apps on the internet. If you are considering taking away the phone from your kid, make sure you take away all the electronic devices from them. Otherwise, do not consider this idea. 

Do not forget that giving a cell phone to your kids means staying in touch with them whenever you want. Your kid may use the cell phone to socialize with friends or to entertain himself but it also helps them have a connection with you. 

When you take away their phone from them, you are putting them out of contact with you. When you know your kid has a phone, you can reach out to them when they are away from home. You can also track their location using the cell phone’s GPS service. If you want to keep in touch with your kid or if you want them to contact you at a moment’s notice, it is better to let them keep the cell phone. 

Monitor Your Kid’s Phone Instead 

Instead of taking your kid’s phone away, you should consider installing a parental control or mobile spy app on their cell phone. Your kid may not like the idea of having a parental control app installed on their cell phone. However, they will prefer it to giving away their cell phone entirely. 

Monitoring your kid’s cell phone can be a good alternative to taking away their phone from them entirely. By monitoring their phone, you can keep an eye on your kid’s phone activity and see who is contacting them. you can also know what sites they are visiting, what videos they are watching, and whom they are chatting with. 

This gives you an opportunity to put a stop to any dangerous activityyour kid might be involved in or to stop someone from having inappropriate contact with your kid before the situation gets out of hand. 

Most parents stay silent about monitoring their kid’s cell phone activity. This may offend your kids because they do not like someone invading their online privacy, especially their parents. Therefore, it is recommended to have a word with them about monitoring their phone. 

You need to sit down with your kid and talk to them about how you will be monitoring their cell phone and also why. It’s important to reassure them that you are not spying on their online activity. You are deploying the parental control app so you can ensure their online safety. 

Get ready to face all sorts of reactions from your kids when they first hear about monitoring. They may reject the idea at first but remember that they are going to be more upset if you secretly monitor their phone activity and they find out about it later. 

Therefore, it is better to take your kids in confidence, gain their trust and tell them that it’s your responsibility to make sure they are safe on the internet and that installing a monitoring app is your alternative to taking away their phone permanently. 

Several parental control and monitoring apps are available in the market that can help you monitor your kid’s cell phone and online activity remotely. It’s better to use the trial version first and then opt for the premium version.