A Few Tips When Your Plan Is To Raise Your Company Brand With Blogging


A blog can be used for your business to raise your company profile, when it is done right. From the very beginning, your overall plan to your blog will decide where you blog is going to head, and whether it is going to play an important role to help your brand.

You should integrate search engine optimization into the content of your blog and the structure of your blog (i.e. A blog is essentially a website, or part of a website besides the main part of your site showing your services or products). An experienced SEO company will be more than capable to point you to the right direction, and will be able to create a strategy and follow-up action plan to grow the audience of your blog.

A blog is essentially a public online diary. Besides the hosting of your website (i.e. the blog should be part of your website), blogging is extremely low-cost when you are using it mainly to create and share information with your new and existing customers. After all, it is the time and effort that is required.

Google’s Blogger and WordPress are two very powerful platforms for blogging. Especially with WordPress, it is a CMS that can be set up to favor SEO. Once you have started using WordPress to set up your blog, you will feel the power it gives you and your marketing and content team in terms of search engine optimization.

Normally, you will have to figure out who your target audience is and where they can come from. For the former, when you have started to provide services to customers, you will gradually figure out. For “where”, it is not as much of a concern. It is because if you have set up your blog correctly in the first place according to all the SEO basics, once you start publishing content, things will start to fall into the right places.

Coming up with an idea for writing is good, but is not good enough. Run some keyword research for the specific topic that you are going to write, before actually putting the time and effort into creating that piece of content.

Make a realistic plan for content creation. If your aggressive plan is to create 1,000 new articles in 30 days, it should be a goal that can be achieved. You will have to work out how much resource that is required to achieve such a goal. It may become very costly to fulfill an aggressive goal in a short time. But it may be much easier when you are more well-planned i.e. Spread the work across a longer period of time.

Not everyone of your employees is a guru or specialist in search engine optimization, and you cannot expect in their writing they are capable of filling in all the necessary SEO elements and content that favors SEO.

Carefully split your topics (i.e. blog articles) into different categories. When your blog only has 10 posts, it does not matter as much how you organize the blog. But readers get lost once your blog reaches about 100 posts. After all, placing articles into different categories is a useful way to organize content into topics, and will help readers find your topics and posts.

Some employers often struggle with this question: Is it a good idea to allow employees to blog? Actually, it can benefit your business a lot, when you have an employee who is specialized in what she does in your industry. One blog post may not be a big hit. 20 posts may not be enough. But only after consistently publishing some content that your customers are interested, her opinions will eventually prove to be useful for the customers.




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