A Guide on Lightning Chargers that are Money Spent Well


Tired of changing chargers after chargers but still can’t find the one ideal charger that would last long and function properly? If yes, you aren’t the only one facing this issue. Almost everybody ends up getting nothing but disappointment when that fancy piece of expensive charger that promised a lifetime’s durability cracks after a few uses. What’s even worse is that such chargers overheat the phone’s battery and make the device slow. To put it simply, they deliver nothing they promised. Instead, they damage the gadgets. 

We have made this guide that is a list of 2 lightning chargers that actually deliver what they promise and even more. These are the kinds of products you should invest money into. Dive in and find out what makes the products listed below different and better than other chargers.

  1. Auto-Disconnect Lightning Charger by Mcdodo

This is one of the best Mcdodo phone chargers because it charges the phones 40% faster than any other normal charger can. And this isn’t the only benefit. There are many others, listed below. 

  1. It is equipped with a breathing Halo LED. The LED lets the users check the battery status in the dark. 
  2. It doesn’t continue charging the phone even after the battery is full. As soon as the battery status is 100% full, the charger automatically stops charging. 
  3. The automatic disconnect feature protects the phone’s battery because it prevents overheating. It also stops power wastage. 
  4. The cable is made of zinc and nylon. The cords are braided to make the cable resistant to cuts and wear and tear. The amazing thing is that the wire bends but it doesn’t crack or break. So, it does last for a very long time. Hence, it’s money well spent. 


  1. The McDodo 90° Lightning Charger for Apple iPhone

Users find it very frustrating when the charging cable keeps coming in the way when they’re trying to use the phone while it’s put on charging. No matter how petty the issue sounds, each one of us knows the struggles of trying to use the phone while it’s charging. Keeping this specific issue in mind, the manufacturers designed the 90° lightning charger. 

  1. The charger’s connector is always at an angle of 90° with the phone. Result? Well, the cable doesn’t come in the way anymore. 
  2. The connector doesn’t latch out of the port again and again. It’s a proper fit. Hence, no damage is done to the phone’s port whatsoever. 
  3. It’s a lightning charger. Hence, it charges the phone in no time. 

Do try these products and feel the difference yourself.