Types of anonymous proxies


To achieve anonymity on the web, to protect your data from theft, hacking, you should start using a proxy server. Such a solution implies connecting to a server instead of the usual network access, which will receive incoming and outgoing traffic of the user, sending it to the addressees. Anonymous proxies are a popular and effective type of protection for a particular IP address on the Internet. Their main quality is safety and reliability.

Anonymous proxies can be:

  • Simple – a user’s IP is substituted with a proxy server’s IP;
  • Distortive: proxy IP is defined as a random IP;
  • Elite: IP is defined as a proxy address without specifying the proxy itself.

While using any kind of proxy the user can be sure of its anonymity and, consequently, of personal information protection.

How to test proxy anonymity

Proxy anonymity is checked with the help of special services, which guarantee the accuracy of the information.

The services are available online and are easy to use. Proxy anonymity verification is performed using them in accordance with the following criteria:

  • IP address data (including time zone of location);
  • Operating system;
  • Use of a particular browser;
  • Use of proxy extensions, VPN, anonymizers;
  • A number of open ports.

The online Proxy Searching Tool not only determines the anonymity of a proxy server but also indicates its use by a real user type. In this way, you can control the security of your data online and, if necessary, resort to a quick solution to this problem.

Why check proxy anonymity

Proxy anonymity check allows you to completely secure your IP address and detailed information about the user. This eliminates the possibility of many services (in particular, bookmakers and other similar companies) blocking online activities without notice, thereby reducing the speed and efficiency.


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