Want To Get Into Affiliate Marketing? Know Your Way Through The Maze!


The digital world can be a very confusing one because of the sheer scale of things available to do. The best usage of the internet, however, is in top digital internet marketing sources. If you too want to tap into this industry via affiliate marketing, this article can serve as your cheat sheet introduction.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a type of SEO service where any business uses its online affiliates to attract traffic or generate sales for their company. These middlemen or affiliates then receive a commission for the customers that they bring to the business. It is a very effective business model. Affiliates can earn through models such as pay per click, pay per call lead generation, or pay per sale. We’ll discuss each of them briefly so you can choose the right one for you.

Pay Per Click

This is a very simple model. Whenever an affiliate attracts new consumers by generating a click to the company’s WebPages, they receive their commission. It’s easy to achieve the target but often doesn’t pay high enough because a mere click doesn’t automatically translate to a sale.  Websites are easy to build as you don’t have the pressure to convince your viewer to buy the product. Ensuring the consumers click the link is sufficient.

Pay Per Call

This differs slightly in the sense that in pay per call lead generation, the affiliate is supposed to attract the consumer to make a call at the assigned number given by the affiliate agency. It’s a better paying option than pay per click, however, it is also a bit more difficult to generate calls. Consumers who are casually browsing the products and the website are unlikely to make a call, hence only fence-sitters and serious buyers are attracted.

Pay Per Sale

As the name suggests, under this model, the affiliate receives a percentage commission of every sale that they generate. It is not easy to convince people to ultimately buy the product, especially through the reference of your website. Using the right keywords to exploit SEO services, attractive websites, and strong content are all needed to generate an actual sale. All this difficulty and effort is compensated for due to pay per sale being a high pay-off model.

Thus, these are the primary forms of top digital internet marketing methods under affiliate marketing. You should find the one best suited to yourself!