Top 7 Best Logo Maker Apps for Your Small Business


Logos have been an integral part in the success of businesses. They help in brand recognition and in sending out the brand’s message. Almost everybody can identify the logos of Apple, Coca-cola, Disney, and Starbucks.

Trending logos today is a mash-up of the old and the new. Lots of digital software can transform a simple one into 3D gradients. They can even turn vintage logos into neon designs. Thus, it’s important to know the best logo maker apps for your small business.

AppGrooves is a discovery media for consumer apps founded in 2011. It partnered with SearchMan, a leading data analytics software used by 100,000 companies, to review and rank the digital market’s best apps.

Here’s a list of AppGrooves’ best apps, which are as good as your favorite free easy to use graphic design software.

Content Arcade Logo Maker

This versatile app has a logo design studio with more than two thousand logo templates. The templates are categorized into different industries. These include business, color, fashion, lifestyle, and watercolor. Each logo has separate layers so that you can streamline them according to color, image, size, tags, and text. The app houses more than a hundred backgrounds, typography fonts, and overlays. They also have professional editing tools such as flip, resize, rotate, plus more. You can save a draft of your customized logo design in the app gallery in a few minutes. Reviews voted this free logo maker as the best free logo maker app because there’s no need for a subscription to start creating logos. It’s easy to use and allows quick editing.

Iris Studios and Services Logo Maker

This is more than just a free logo maker app. With the Iris Studios and Services Logo Maker, you can create branding materials that include announcements, brochures, cover photos, and posters. It also features unique logo symbols, typography, and a ton of categorized art stickers, backgrounds, colors, graphic elements, shapes, and textures. This app has professional photo editing tools such as curve, flip, hue, resize, and rotate, which can put animation in a logo. While the random feature shows different possibilities, you can do to get the best logo design.

Quantum Appx Logo Esport Maker

The Quantum Apps Logo Esport Maker is a fantastic tool to create logos in gaming and YouTube. It’s also useful in designing brand logos. The app features a comfortable color change touch on the logo design. It houses more than thirty textures and more than twenty fonts to customize a logo.  These come together with advanced editing tools like adjusting brightness or saturation. A unique feature of the app is its transparent background. With these, it’s also easy to make banners, emblems, letterheads, stickers, etc.

Wild Dev Labx Logo Maker

Wild Dev Labx Logo Maker is an app fully loaded with 3d and logo templates. This free logo maker app comes with an extensive collection of art stickers, background, graphics, shapes, and textures. The editing tools include curve, color, flip, font, hue, resize, rotate, 3D rotate, and unique features such as  3D icons and 3D logo library. You can also create brochures, cover photos, newsletters, and posters in this app.

Micro Bots Logo Maker

This free logo maker app is more than just a logo maker. It’s also useful in making brochures, cover photos, newsletters, and posters. They’ve got a good collection of 2D and 3D logos. Its logo builder and editor allow adding different backgrounds and gradients and 3D stylish text. You can also customize colors, curves, hues, and textures. The app enables easy flipping, resizing, and rotation of images. A unique and we may say the best feature of Micro Bots logo maker is its ability to add a watermark on the picture.

Logo Pit Logo Maker

Create original logos using the Logo Pit logo maker. It houses thousands of icons, monograms, and symbols for every category. You can turn a simple icon into a sophisticated logo through texture image coloring. Give your logo a 3D depth with its more than seven hundred fonts. You can transform texts in a circular form, bend it, or make it wavy.  Logo Pit logo maker also allows importing from your gallery.  You can customize your photo through its unique photo filters. Choose from more than fifty of them. What’s more, the app editing tool allows adjusting line-heights and spacing of letters. If you want to design FB cover photos, Twitter headers, Twitter posts, and YouTube cover photos, the Logo Pit logo maker is an app to visit.

Shopify’s Hatchful Logo Maker

Shopify is a famous Canadian eCommerce platform. To help entrepreneurs, they launched the Hatchful logo maker. It houses more than hundreds of colors, icons, and templates under popular categories.
Choose colors, icons, fonts, and style elements to customize the logo design. What’s good about Shopify’s Hatchful logo maker is its large selection of niches. Users only need to choose the relevant industry to get unique logo suggestions for their brand.

The above lists are only seven of the best free logo maker apps for your small business. There’s more to put on the plate. Whatever tool you used, there’s always one thing to remember. A logo doesn’t sell. It identifies!