Take Action In Promoting A Mentally Healthy Workplace Environment


An important aspect of any successful business is attracting and retaining the best people without them experiencing work burnout. This is true for obvious reasons like good pay and benefits and because happy and fulfilled people tend to be more productive and creative. One of the most significant sources of stress in the modern workplace is the fear of being fired. While this may be an unlikely event, it is still a genuine concern for many workers. And one way people get fired is by directly voicing their grievances about a co-worker, the work environment, or event management. In the end, keep these grievances to themselves without a proper way to air them out creates a toxic workplace where no issues are adequately addressed. 

Solve This By Using mello

So how exactly can management solve this problem? Easy, install the mello application as a Channel on Slack.  Mello is an app that allows employees to anonymously rate their experience with a company, manager, or co-worker.  When you install mello on Slack, you will be able to rate any individual any time you want, whether they are a manager or not. As you can see from the Mello makes the experience very easy and fast. In addition to that, mello also allows you to leave a short comment if you want. This way, people know precisely what is bothering them without having to take the risk of being reprimanded themselves. Mello also allows you to rate companies and even managers so you can see how an entire organization is doing. 

Take Action Based on Feedback 

This is the best part of Mello. Once you have installed the app on Slack, you can decide to take some type of action every time someone sends in a poll response or comment. The action you take based on this feedback will make employees feel safe and heard in the workplace and ease any tension that may be going on calmly and respectfully. In turn, you are lessening the likelihood of work burnout. 

It is important to periodically re-evaluate your company to see where it needs to be re-focused. By taking the time to understand what your employees want, you will be able to make this process as painless as possible. One great way to start is by giving them a channel to voice their concerns and know that management is ready to take positive action to help them.