Kidjo TV – Kids TV App for Android TV


 Now almost everything is there on the internet to search for. Starting from education to entertainment all are there. Something is there for each and every one of us. For elders as well as for kids. But we have to be keen on selecting different contents to watch. Especially when it comes to kids’ parents must pay special attention to the contents that kids can have access. Now here is a wonderful app. Named Kidjo TV

One of the best apps to use by your kids. If you also want to give the best screen time for your little kid then this is the best app you can get used to. I think this is one of the best ways to educate your child together with some entertainment. I am indeed sure that your kids will love this wonderful app. So, try it now with your little ones.

What this includes?

There are more than 2000- shows and videos for your kid to watch. These videos are there to make your child knowledgeable together with entertainment. Some of the videos to watch here includes: kid’s songs, age-appropriate licensed cartoons, nursery rhymes, talking books, fairy-tales, videos to learn math, shapes, numbers, letters, songs and games to learn life skills, tutorials about science experiments, origami, magic and also projects involving arts and crafts. Everything needed for the child development is included here. 

Features of Kidjo TV App

The app is completely free. You can download the app easily from any App Store including Google Play Store, AC Market and Aptoide. 

All the videos included here are age-appropriate hand-picked videos. Therefore, there is no doubt about the safety of the app. The app exclusively is there for your little ones. 

The user-friendly simple interface is very easy to follow up by the little ones also. Even when you are not around your child can comfortably use the app.

But as parents you can select the contents to watch, screen timing and also lets you to manage individual profiles. When you are busy with something else take the advantages of these settings. You can be felt relaxed knowing that your kids are having a safe screen-timing with this amazing app Kidjo TV.

Though it is free there are no ads. This is mostly to prevent accidental login to different other sites by your kid. So, you can find that the app is very safer for your kid. 

If you want to relish much more content using the app then simply subscribe the app for a monthly low subscription free. There you will be able to have access to unlimited content.

Download Kidjo TV app

This is a free learning video app for kids available on default TV store. You can use Play Store TV or Amazon App Store to install this application. You can use other TV stores like AppLinked, Aptoide TV, APKTime, Filesynced and many more.

All TV stores are not similar. For example, app stores like AppLinked, FileSynced and Unlinked are maintained by Android TV lovers all around the world. So, you may not find any consistency on those stores. If you want app store like Play Store TV, then use Aptoide TV app.



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