Best Ways to Reach Local Customers


Having a small business can have many challenges – competing with chain businesses and big stores, finding the right customers, building a brand and so much more. All in all, owning a small business can keep you on your toes.

We’re here to help you overcome at least one challenge and tell you all the best ways to reach local customers. Customers are there to help small businesses survive and grow.

There’s no better marketing for your business than customers becoming loyal brand enthusiasts. Not only will they keep coming for more of what you have, but they will also spread the word about your business and its services or products.

So, let’s see all the ways that can help you reach local customers.

1.      Attend local events

What a better place to find local customers than in local events. The best thing about the customers that visit local events is their readiness to support the local community and economy. Those’re the kind of customers you’re looking for.

That’s why festivals, markets, and other similar events are the best places to attend and spread the word about your business. In case you’re not selling any products, you can sponsor these events or have an info booth. You can also partner up with other local businesses and host your own events such as flash sales, tastings, or product demonstrations.

2.      Social media

You should know by now that there is no better way to spread the word about your business than through social media platforms. Do a bit of research and find out which platform most of your customers are on – whether it is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and so on.

Then start using those social media platforms to gain followers and build a community online. Create compelling and engaging content because that’s what attracts customers. Post about sales, local events, local content and so much more.

Not only will your presence on social media increase your brand’s reach you’ll also gain more local customers.

3.      Local SEO strategy

Another way to build brand awareness and attract more local customers is with a good SEO strategy. Search engine optimization can help you get more website visitors and show up higher on search results. So, how is SEO different from local SEO?

They are very similar, however, the point of local SEO strategy is to optimize the website for local search and, therefore, help your business be more visible in local search results. There are many great and effective ways to boost your local SEO and they include creating a Google My Business account, getting regular reviews from customers, creating content based on local news and events, and so on.

4.      Create a YouTube channel

You can get more local customers by creating a YouTube channel. Believe it or not, many small businesses have found success by creating local content on YouTube.

You can advertise your business by creating good local video content, put it on YouTube and optimize it for local viewing. Then you can share those videos on your social media platforms.

Video marketing is one of the best ways to build brand awareness and drive growth. So, why not try to attract local customers this way, too?

5.      Paid advertising

Social media advertising is mostly free but it requires a bit of time. If you want to gain local customers faster you can do the good old paid advertising. Paid advertising can be done with display ads, search ads, and even social ads.

Display ads you’ve seen pretty much everywhere. They show up on websites, videos and their purpose is to remind people to check out your business and your services. Search ads are usually displayed on the top of a search page. Bascially, you pay to be in the first slot of search engine results that targets a certain keyword.

And finally, social media ads are those you see every day on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and so on. Their goal is to attract new customers and retarget people who didn’t get anything from your website.

6.      Seek Feedback

Another important step in acquiring new local customers is feedback. Seeking feedback from your customers can help you a lot. All you have to do is ask your old customers to rate your business, to tell what they liked, and what they would change about your services, or products.

This is usually done with surveys, questionnaires, or similar ways – just find a strategy that works best for your business. The goal is to have as much feedback as possible so that you can attract more local customers.

A business can’t thrive and grow without its customers. That’s why businesses must find ways to attract local customers. Thankfully, nowadays, there are many good ways that can help you acquire more local customers, build a loyal customer base and grow.

Hopefully, some of the above-mentioned strategies will help your business reach new local customers.