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Posting photos and content creation on social media have become and extremely entertaining way of earning and living especially for youngsters nowadays. Endorsing brands, reaching out to people as influencers, creating all those exciting and super entertaining videos require a large amount of effort and time. And what’s most important is the necessity of a good camera. Have you ever wondered how the pictures of your favourite celebrities look so flawless and funky?

What if I tell you that you can surely click photos like that too? And of course, I am not lying. Android has introduced the all new Candy Camera that comprises of a range of features that allow you to capture your most beautiful self. Everyone around the world are uniquely beautiful, however, it is no shocker that all of us love a bit of extra beauty added onto us through all the beautifying apps we use. However, Candy Camera will surely prove to be the best camera app you will ever get your hands on.

Best Android Beauty Camera App

The app not just lets you capture yourself but also has a range of filters and beautifying effects. The filters are real-time and will allow you to choose the best filter that suits you best at that time! The beauty effects too let you get rid of your daily makeup routine and the hassle that follows it.

It lets you put on mascara, eye shadow, blush and whatever it is that you’re missing and gives you that all time flawless skin you’ve always wanted. So, you can now finally say bye bye to all those useless makeup routines and welcome a flawless, glowing skin all thanks to Candy Camera. The camera also comes with a silent mode so you can now click those gorgeous selfies anywhere at any time without bothering about what’s around you! Never be embarrassed of your selfies, so go ahead and get clicking!

The collage feature in the app also allows one to add multiple photos into a beautiful collage and feel like you’re surrounded with a photo booth with all your favourite and exciting filters around you! The app does wonders to all your photos so that you could feel like a queen or king on your social media feed!

We all love a bit of attention and confidence boost, don’t we? So why not go ahead and feel like the most beautiful version of yourself with Candy Camera? All you got to do is download the app and enjoy all its ranges of features and super exciting benefits all for just absolutely free. The beauty it adds to your photos is timeless and it will sure prove to be your best friend and best companion!

Download Candy Camera for TV BOX

Many use their Android TV for online education purposes. Because it is easier to learn things on bigger screen than using a mobile phone. In order to use Zoom meetings, you may need external camera device. Default camera app comes with those devices are not good or does not has enough features. You won’t be able to find any camera application on Play Store TV too.

You can install your favourite Android camera application on your Android TV box or Fire TV using AppLinked or FileSynced. AppLinked and FileSynced allow Android TV users to install any favourite Android app or game for free. First create your own account on any of those app stores and upload your favourite camera apk and install it your TV.

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