Your 101 guide for buying the right standup desk!


Like most average office goers, you spend at least 7 to 8 hours at your office desk. Prolonged hours of sitting can have a serious impact on your spinal health, and it is one of the many reasons why people often complain of chronic back pain. Instead of sitting for that long, if you could switch between sitting and standing positions, it can reduce strain on your back and spine. A stand up desk, also called a sit-stand desk, is designed to enable that. Standup desks have become contemporary office must-haves, and in this guide, we are sharing how you can buy one.

The options

Most standup desks can be divided into two broad categories – manual and electric. For the manual ones, you have to use one of the different mechanisms, to adjust from sitting to standing position, while electric ones allow that with the press of a button. Electric standup desks are powered by a motor and often have additional settings, which can help in easy adjustments. Expectedly, the electric variants are, of course, more expensive, so the final choice depends largely on your budget.

The considerations

  1. Figure out if you are going to share the standup desk with others, because then, you may have to consider a bigger, wider desk.
  2. Decide on whether you need to use two monitors. If yes, you need a bigger table. Make sure that the standup desk can accommodate all that you require at work.
  3. Height adjustability is another factor that matters, especially with multiple users. If you are too tall or short, the extent of adjustment will matter.
  4. Also, consider if you need a keyboard tray. Some desks do have one, but most don’t. You can also choose to get one manually added.
  5. When it comes to adjustments on an electric standup desk, the level of noise does matter, especially at the workplace.

Do check if the product has weight limitations.

Buying online

If you want to get the best price on standup desks, online stores are your best bet. Many desks don’t have the tabletop, so that could be an additional cost over the price you pay. Online stores don’t have the overheads, which is why they offer better deals and offers.

Final word

A good standup desk is one of the better investments for your office. Don’t shy away from checking the best models, and buy one that offers value for money and at least some warranty.

Robert Bisson

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