Why Should PizzaPhone be a Requirement at Your Restaurant?


You will undoubtedly get inquiries if you use the phrase. What distinguishes pizza phones from other phone types? Are they comparable to the Juno hamburger phone in their operation? The Clarity Voice PizzaPhones are a product that, although having a great idea, will make your pizza company successful. Pizza delivery services will find it simpler to manage calls and respond to customers’ needs thanks to this phone system.

What Is Clarity Voice?

Before we discuss our PizzaPhones, we must first explain what we do. Helping companies of all sizes adopt and use VoIP systems for customer acquisition and retention is one of our areas of expertise. You may now make and receive calls from any location that has internet connection (or an internet café) as a result of this innovation. Furthermore, you can be confident that you won’t lose track of any calls since such data is maintained in the cloud.

What Was the Motivation Behind PizzaPhones?

Through our PizzaPhones, we discovered how widespread pizza is. Even with modest estimates, pizza sales in 2020 will surpass $14 billion. If pizzerias can create this much dough, then pizza must be quite popular in America. While any improvement is appreciated, some organizations may need assistance to manage an unexpected rise in call traffic.

Orders that are complete or accurate may arise from this. Your financial security is a priority to Clarity Voice. We have folks here who have operated pizzerias in the past, so they know what it takes to run a profitable company like yours.

Using PizzaPhones Has Several Benefits

As was already said, it is possible to answer many calls at once. Since PizzaPhones eliminates busy signals, customers will remain with you rather than experimenting with others. You may alter the background music or sound effects that patrons hear as they wait. They won’t listen to elevator music and will instead concentrate on your discounts and offers, giving you more time to respond.

PizzaPhones are equipped to handle any situation, including lost internet access and power outages. Customers can get in touch with you 99.99% of the time because to cellular failover. In the improbable event that an issue arises, our IT team is here to help.

Is there anything preventing you from requesting our assistance? Look at the thousands of other establishments we have assisted! You’ll see that many of them have had great success, and even renowned businesses have made use of our PizzaPhones. Just a handful of the many small and big enterprises that employ our services include Pizza Hut, Hungry Howies, and Pizza King.

Clarity Voice is devoted to the prosperity of your business and the satisfaction of your customers. We go above and above to satisfy your specific VoIP requirements, in contrast to some of our competitors. PizzaPhones is thus essential for your business.

You may use PizzaPhones to beat the competition while still retaining your present customers. You can concentrate on creating the delectable snack that so many Americans like because Clarity Voice will take care of the specifics. You could one day rank with the most well-known franchises.