What to do When a Laptop Speaker Is Not Working?


If you are looking for a quick fix when your laptop speakers are not working, then look no further.  Here are some tips to help you troubleshoot the problem and get back on track in no time.  This blog post will also show you what causes speakers of your device to stop working and quick fixes so that it will never happen again. Happy listening!

Causes for Non-Functioning Laptop Speakers

When there is a problem with laptop speakers and they don’t work at all or ideally, there can be several causes for it. There could be problems with sound settings, device drivers, and defects in wiring or speakers.

To identify the root cause of non-working laptop speakers and fix the issues well, you may have to hire someone for laptop repair service.

Here is a list of some potential issues behind non-functional laptop speakers.

  • Sound Settings such as muted speakers
  • Wrong Configuration of speakers like speakers not being put as the default audio device
  • Outdated or corrupt drivers
  • Damaged or disconnected hardware

Quick Fixes for Laptop Speakers That Don’t Function Well

You can do laptop repair at home, especially fixing faulty speakers. Some speaker issues don’t need any specific knowledge and tools while others may require professional laptop repair service.

Here are some tips that you can use to rectify the speaker issues in your device:

  1. Ensure the sound of the laptop is not muted. You may have accidentally pressed the mute button or its shortcut. Check for this problem and if it is so, unmute the sound settings to get your speakers working again.
  2. Laptops come with an automatic feature of switching from speakers to headphones if headsets are available for use. Therefore, connect your pair of headphones to check the sound output.

If sound comes from headphones, then there could be an issue with the software that’s responsible for switching sound outputs. Additionally, it can be due to physical defects to the speakers.

  1. To fix other speaker issues in the laptop, you can run the troubleshooter. Your laptop has a sound troubleshooter that can automatically fix several problems related to sound and speakers.

Unable to Fix Laptop Speakers Yourself? Hire Experts for Laptop Repair at Home


If you are not able to work on laptop speaker issues by yourself, hiring experts for laptop repair in Ghaziabad or near you is the right choice. They can fix the main problems skillfully in the shortest duration.