What is the process of becoming a member of Ebay?


1.1 billion Units of goods worth 88 billion dollars and 177 million active buyers the world’s largest online auction eBay has been inaccessible to most online merchants for more than 20 years. The reason is that the PayPal payment system, which works in conjunction with eBay, does not allow residents to accept payments for goods.

Meanwhile, online commerce in the domestic market is growing by leaps and bounds. The turnover of the Internet business is increasing by hundreds of millions of dollars a year, and sites from the field of Internet sales do not leave the top ten most visited sites in the country.

More and more people prefer to buy and sell online.

Against this background, the “iron curtain” between your country and the global Internet market is working against the entire country. You need to consider the growing interest in e-commerce as well as the benefits of selling goods abroad, the restrictive policy towards foreign payment systems. All references and transfers of Internet services are not advertising. The services indicated in the text are chosen by the author on a case-by-case basis and are not exhaustive.

Why eBay is attracting online merchants

Site eBay has created an American Pierre Omidyar in 1995 in San Jose, California. In 23 years, the site has turned into a public company with a capitalization of $ 30 billion, annual revenue of almost $ 10 billion, growing by 7% per year, and a staff of 14.1 thousand employees.

EBay allows almost anyone on the planet to sell products around the world. Trading on the online auction is relatively easy and inexpensive. The risks of fraud on the part of the buyer and the seller are minimized through an effective rating system for auction participants, as well as through sound auction policies and PayPal. At the time of selling on ebay this is important.

Ebay online Auction

The eBay online auction is the second most visited marketplace in the world after Amazon. According to experts, eBay is the 26th most visited site in the world and the 9th most visited in the United States. 63% of traffic comes from the USA. EBay is visited 360 million times every day, with 177 million active buyers. The most popular currency is the dollar. On eBay, you can sell everything except prohibited goods; the only question is the price and the term of finding a buyer. The potential for business scaling is enormous.

What to sell on eBay “warm-up”

There is no simple answer to the question of what exactly to sell on eBay. The answer can end with the banal phrase “whatever you like”, or it can lead you into the jungle of sophisticated strategies for selecting keywords from the auction search bar, studying auction trends or in-depth analysis of the product range of successful sellers. To start selling on eBay, you need to register. It’s as easy as registering an email. You also need to register a dollar bank card to pay for the auction services.

A virtual dollar bank card is suitable for this purpose. You need to put about $ 1.5 on it. To authorize the card, the auction will write off about $ 1, but will return it in a few days.