What is the maximum number of devices that can connect to the Lora gateway?


The maximum number of devices that can connect to the Lora gateway is 250 (one for each subnet)

This gateway allows users to connect up to 5 iOS or Android devices to a VPN service. If a Lora hub is connected to a WAC (web access controller) and the WAC is connected to Public Wi-Fi access points the maximum number of devices that can connect to the Lora hub will be 5 depending upon how many devices are connecting directly to the Lora hub. 4 iPads and 1 laptop would be possible with this configuration.

I’m a new Lora user and want to understand the maximum number of devices that can connect to my gateway. How many devices can be connected? Can be configured to support up to (14) simultaneous network devices connected to the Lora gateway; one Ethernet/Powerline/RJ10 port, one RJ45 port, and up to 48 wireless devices. The Lora gateway is designed to be the central hub for controlling access to your home or business. By integrating with your Lora system, Lora gateway will provide security management and access to all of your products, especially those that do not support current network protocols such as Apple Homekit, Echo, and Nest products (Ex B).

Lora Gateway is a connected home system consisting of a digital switch, WiFi range extender, and responsive thermostat that allows you to control devices in your home from a single application. Lora Gateway offers the convenience of controlling smart devices like Amazon’s Alexa, Google Home, and IFTTT from one application. Lora Gateway integrates with other smart devices, for example, you could use it to control your unit outside your home when you are away from your phone.

Lorawan, a global brand of network appliances and services, has a home WiFi solution for your business needs. The Lora Gateway provides secure and reliable wireless connectivity that is backed by a world-class team of patent-holding engineers who will create a bespoke WiFi solution tailored to your business requirements. Hotspot Lora can support up to 12 devices at a time.  The number of products that can be connected to the gateway is limited to a maximum of 100 (powered), or 200 (unpowered) depending on the vendor. The total combined maximum number of products and appliances connected to the independent network is limited to 2000.

If you don’t see the wireless router that you are looking for, look for different levels of functionality. You can purchase a gateway that has very low power requirements and will be ideal for apartments or smaller homes with very few devices that need to connect, or a gateway with a higher set-top box feature and will be more robust in large homes. While there is no “binding”, the gateway can support 10 wireless devices, per IP address, a total of 20 (10 computers + 10 wireless devices). If you are using separate resources such as cable and telephone provided by your Internet Service Provider, it would be best to have separate accounts on your gateway and computers for both Internet connection purposes.

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