Unblure Chegg answers – How to get Chegg answers for free


Chegg being an online tutorial helps students to solve any of their homework and school or college assignments with the assistance of a tutor. The site also offers other benefits that include buying or renting old books at an affordable price. There are already millions of subscribers to this site. Solving maths problems has become much easier than before with the help of websites like Chegg.  One can easily get answers to any questions related to any subject on this site. 

The professional teachers assist you in finding the answers to your questions. This article will help you to get all your questions answered and to unblur Chegg answers without any charges. There is a subscription charge that comes around five to fifty dollars which can be a good amount of money for the students. But, few tricks can help you to get Chegg answers for free. Few tricks that are mentioned in this article, can help in our Chegg answers for free. Check this: how to see chegg answers free

Best free Alternatives to Chegg

If you don’t want to buy a paid subscription, then there are certain alternatives to Chegg where the user can easily find answers to any of his questions. 

  • Slader- The user can search the question and all the related answers will be displayed as a solution. Choose the answer that satisfies you, if you don’t find any satisfying answers, you can add the question to the request list. 
  • Study Lib- The site can be opened using chrome and by using the search button, type your question. You will find the appropriate answer for your search.
  • Lit answers- It has a collection of huge library and the site keeps updating new questions every day.
  • Paper help- This site also has adequate solutions for any of your queries. This is a good alternative for Chegg. You can also choose from a wide range of answers. 
  • Text sheet- This was one of the best alternatives to Chegg. But,  unfortunately, the site has stopped working due to the copyright from Chegg.
  • Google search- It is a very simple method. Most of the time you will be surprised to know that the answer you are looking for has already been solved and posted on the site. 

Make use of Chegg one monthly subscription for free of cost

Chegg has a one-month trial period, during this trial period the user can get the utmost benefit of the free services the website has to offer. Then you will be able to decide if you want to continue the plan or not, if it is truly worth investing on it. One more tip is that during the trial period, you need to give your credit card details. Each card will get a one-month free trial and the advantage is that if a user has multiple cards like two or three,  he can easily get a free trial for two or three months from each card. Remember to use a varied email address each time you sign up. 


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