The Impact of Broken Links on Your SEO

Impact of Broken Links on Your SEO

While creating and maintaining a website, the creators put great efforts to provide it the finest interface, high-quality content, and equipping it with well-researched SEO Edinburgh strategies. But, there is an aspect which we often miss out on, that is, the broken links in between the pages of your website. It poses significant harm to the SEO of your webpage. Now, you must be wondering how broken links affects your SEO.

What Is A Broken Link?

Any link on a website that does not seem to function, and if you try to open it, you are faced with an “error” is called as a broken link. It not only spoils the user experience but also causes severe harm to the SEO on the webpage. In case you are facing any such issue, you can get help from an SEO company in Atlanta. But it is important to know the reasons for a broken or dangling link.

What Causes A Broken Link?

The main reasons for a broken link are:

  • One of the common reasons is the link to a third-party website that has changed or modified its URL.
  • The link was related to a picture or a file that has been taken down or moved.
  • Another possible reason could be, the link belonged to a website that has been deleted or moved.

How Broken Links Hurt Your SEO

Coming across a broken link is quite a frustrating experience and cause a lot of damage to the search engine optimization practices of a website. An SEO company in Atlanta can help you fix the broken links on your webpage, helping you maintain the quality of your website. But, how does a broken link impact the SEO strategies?

Broken links are bad for your webpage as they make it hard for the crawlers of search engines to identify them, wasting a lot of time. This leads the automated crawlers to miss the link and move on to the next, workable link. This means the broken link misses getting ranked or indexed, and your pages a great opportunity to be recognized by the search engine. It hinders the value of SEO quality on your website. It makes you lose your valuable visitors and also hampers the reputation of your website.

You must keep a quality check of the links on your website to ensure the removal of broken links and maintaining the SEO of your webpage.


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