The AccessiBe WordPress Plugin – Why Is Web Accessibility Important Today?


Users with visual or motor disabilities navigate the Internet differently from people without any form of disability. They rely on screen readers and keyboards to work on websites. However, the gap betweenusers with disabilities and those without is widening daily when it comes to web accessibility online.

Statistics reveal that users of screen readers feel that the content on the web has not changed much. Some users believe that it worsened between 2019 to 2020, and it was caused due to the lack of practical tools, awareness, and web accessibility skills.

In brief, web accessibility revolves around considering the potential requirements of your visitor. This can be addressed by embracing thebest practices for the web, like the installation of the accessibe wordpress plugin for WP sites.

This AI-infused innovative tool is targeted at improving the accessibility of the site so that everyone, including people with disabilities, is able to access the site without hassles. It is an automated tool that can be easily installed in some minutes. Its application runs in the background, scans the site content every 24 hours, at least once, and makes adjustments to new content identified under 48 hours.

In this way, WP sites are fully compliant as per the regulations listed in the ADA and WCAG. In case a website is not fully compliant with these regulations, the business faces risks of litigation and hefty penalties.

Closing the web accessibility gap

When you install this plugin for boosting website accessibility, you are closing the gap between people with disabilities and online users without. Today, web accessibility is a legal requirement, and several nations regulate it with laws. At the beginning of 2018, there were as many as 1,053 cases pertaining to web accessibility in the Federal Court, and sadly the number of rising even now. There was a massive 23% hike in lawsuits from last year; this is not good news for business owners at all!

The need to ascertain the accessibility levels of your website

WP site owners should immediately step up to check the accessibility levels of their sites if they want to keep legal suits and hefty fines at bay. They should resort to using testing tools to check the salient areas of their site where accessibility issues lie.

Today, web accessibility is indispensable for all site owners. It does not only apply to the subject of business credibility only. It is important from an ethical point of view as well, as your site should be accessible to all users uniformly.

WordPress also emphasizes a lot of importance on web accessibility, and every code updated and released on the platform should comply with the guidelines under the WordPress Accessibility Coding Standards. Besides these standards, accessibility does not refer to a one-sided obligation. In fact, boosting the accessibility levels of your site helps you to boost SEO and drive more web traffic to your site. Installing the accessibe wordpress plugin helps you to stay away from litigation and boost sales opportunities for your business with success!