Secret Relationship Between WEB Host And SEO Performance


You’ll see a banner promoting fantastic web hosting services at least once every day. This is due to the fact that if you want to create a high-quality website, you need a web hosting services provider. However, you also need to have a website that is optimized if you want to get found on Google. Additionally, a high-quality website provides a wonderful user experience and is simple to use and browse. And this is when search engine optimization and web hosting start to overlap. Without the other, one cannot function.

So that you may implement what you’ve learned about the relationship between SEO and website hosting into practice, we’ll go deeper into this subject and make this currently secret relationship public.

Web hosting can be the reason why your website is slow

Website speed and loading times are major SEO rankings factors. If you opt for a more affordable website hosting service, it will have a slower loading time, thus affecting your search engine optimisation efforts.

This is due to low bandwidth, and it can be quite a nuisance to people trying to access your website. If it takes ages to load, people will give up on you and go search for another website with the same services. If your bounce-off rate is too high, it might mean that your website is turning visitors away which google will recognise as a signal that your website isn’t worthy.

Web hosting can be the reason why a website is down

If a website is down and you can’t access it, it’s probably due to servers being down. This can be caused by a web hosting served downtime due to server overload. If this happens multiple times in a day, you might not become one of Google’s favourite websites.

Google favours fast loading time and low bounce rate because these are clear signals that your website is optimised, high quality and authoritative if visitors are reluctant to leave it. If Google crawlers fail to crawl your website during different times in a day, this will be a red flag for Google.

Not only that, but you’ll lose valuable customers who came to your website to make a purchase, just to realise that your website is down. So, server downtime is another aspect of web hosting that directly affects your SEO efforts.

If the hosting is shared, the chances are you’re putting your website at risk

Shared hosting is often an affordable option, and some may think this is a good decision. However, if someone makes money out of offering a shared server space at a low price, they won’t ask questions. This leaves you vulnerable to sharing a server with malicious websites, spammers and other individuals who will put your website security at risk. These elements can negatively affect your search engine ranking, credibility, authority, website load time and speed. So, unless you want to be low in search engine ranks because you’re using a shared hosting service, don’t sign up for such web hosting services.

Take advantage of local SEO with local hosting services

Another reason your website takes ages to load and no matter what your trusted local SEO agency does in terms of your agreed SEO strategy, it doesn’t improve. If this is the case, your SEO team will advise you on changing your hosting to local hosting services.

If you thought that server location doesn’t matter, you just weren’t aware of this secret relationship between web hosting and SEO performance. In other words, if your website data is located far away from your target audience, it will affect the user experience a lot. The solution to this problem is to migrate your website to a different web hosting service that is closer to your website visitors.

Next, you should help Google show you among local search results by having a top-level domain like dot com or dot org that has a local IP address. Google favours websites that are as close to the geographic location of those searching so you will be ranked higher than those that are located far away.

Strong encryption is favoured by Google

Simply put, if Google deems your website unsafe to use, it will be pushed down the search engine rankings. Website security is more important than ever and it can greatly affect your SEO. If there’s any risk of sensitive information, user information, or data disappearing from your website, Google will reduce your SEO score.

So, your goal is to avoid any breach of safety and firewall or any other security attack by using HTTPS encryption. Secure websites are viewed as a safe space for internet users so these are always ranked higher than those deemed unsafe. This is yet another matter that you should look into when choosing safe, reliable and secure hosting services.

Available support and downtime chances reduced to a minimum

Let’s say there’s an issue with your website hosting. Does it come with a managed support option? If it doesn’t, it’s time to rethink this relationship. We’ve already mentioned that quality hosting and implemented search engine optimisation practices only improve user experience. Another way to further strengthen this relationship is to choose a managed support hosting package.

You’ll know that your server is managed by an experienced and dedicated team that is often available 24/7. This further implies that the chances of downtime are reduced to a minimum. By not having to worry about hosting problems, you can focus on other areas of optimisation like building quality backlinks or writing quality blog posts that will rank high on Google.

In conclusion – Do your research

One of the main reasons an individual makes a bad hosting choice is a lack of information. Or simply put poor research or not researching your options at all. But, before you can even decide on the best hosting option for your website, you need to define what you wish to achieve with your website. You need to determine how big your website will be, so you’ll know how to choose the web hosting package with adequate bandwidth, server location and anything else we’ve discussed in this article.

The relationship between web hosting and SEO is secret, but only if you don’t know how poor hoisting can negatively impact your SEO.