Linux Dedicated Servers vs Windows Dedicated Servers


A Dedicated Server Hosting is the costliest and most powerful web hosting option available today. Most sites opt for a Dedicated Server when the business demands the resources, control and privacy of an entire server and are willing to bear the higher costs. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the Dedicated Server has the right OS, optimum resources, robust hardware, state-of-the-art infrastructure, etc. 

While choosing a Dedicated Hosting Server, one of the most important decisions you need to make is the choice of the operating system. Most providers offer a choice between two of the most popular operating systems – Linux and Windows. 

Today, we will compare Windows Dedicated Servers and Linux Dedicated Servers to help you make a choice.

Linux Dedicated Servers vs Windows Dedicated Servers

Here are some primary differences between Linux and Windows Dedicated Servers:

Feature Comparison
Pricing While price shouldn’t be the primary factor for choosing a hosting plan, as a business owner, you also need to manage the budget you allocate to you hosting. Linux is an open-source platform and has no licensing fees. On the other hand, the price for Windows Dedicated Servers includes Microsoft licenses too.

Therefore, Windows Dedicated Servers are costlier than Linux Dedicated Servers.

Server Power Requirement By virtue of its design, Linux is lighter on the server than Windows. In other words, Linux requires lesser server power than Windows. Some estimates suggest that Windows might need around two to six times more server power than Linux. Therefore, if you are opting for a Windows Dedicated Server, ensure that it has adequate resources to deliver a great site experience.
Server features Both Windows and Linux have certain features. If you want to use an SQL Server, then you need a Windows OS. On the other hand, if you want to use MySQL or PHP, then Linux is a better option. The database framework can also impact your ability to scale. Also, if you want to use Telnet or SSH to access the server, then you need Linux. However, if you are fine with FTP, then you can use either operating systems.
Familiarity Most people are more comfortable using Windows than Linux since most home computers use the Windows OS. Also, Windows employs a Graphical User Interface (GUI), which is easier to use than the Command Line Interface (CLI) of Linux. Learning to use Linux might need some time. Thus, Windows is more intuitive and easier-to-use than Linux.
Dashboard Regardless of the operating system you choose, the web host will provide a dashboard to help you access the website features on the Dedicated Server. On a Linux Dedicated Server, cPanel is the most popular interface. On the other hand, on a Windows Dedicated Server, Plesk is the dashboard preferred by most users. While both cPanel and Plesk have their advantages and disadvantages, ensure that you assess your requirements before choosing the right one for your site.


Summing Up

When you have to choose between a Linux and Windows Dedicated Server, ensure that you carefully assess your site’s hosting needs and pick the one that aligns with them. Linux ranks high on affordability, customizability and compatibility. Alternatively, Windows is preferred for the familiarity, ease-of-use, the reliability of the Microsoft brand and dedicated customer support. While a few years ago there were some striking differences between the two, today, they offer similar features and benefits to site owners. Before you buy a Dedicated Server Hosting plan, consider the points mentioned above and choose the perfect fit for your requirements.







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