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If you have been in business and especially doing Content Marketing for a while, you could have produced hordes of content for various campaigns, promotions and necessities having spent days, months and years. You might wonder: “What is the use of them now? They are already submitted and published, and what am I going to do with them now?”.

The fact is these heaps of marketing content can be repurposed. They can be effectively put to use again. This process is called Content Repurposing. Let’s learn more about this.

Start Rewriting Older Posts

You can pick the relevant old posts that have been published some time ago but you still find relevant and start rewriting them with by changing the titles, structure of the article, URL links wherever necessary, keywords and styling of the content, images and videos and make these repurposed articles into renewed or re-created articles. The purpose is to not just re-create the posts but to create a spark in the online marketplace making these repurposed articles add value to your present day business and SEO initiatives. For the best SEO packages, USA, check out here.

Realign the Content Structure

Restructure the existing content from top to bottom so that the content looks entirely new. You can change the content by changing and adding topics, titles, paragraphs and sections but retaining the core subject. This way you can make the old content almost new. The renovated article should not be renovated just on the outer side with little cosmetic changes here and there but should be really realigned with changes in the entire content structure without affecting the course and essence of the article. Get professional advice on Content Repurposing and SEO Packages from PerfectLinkBuilding USA.

Reform Keywords & Links

You will have to really reform the keywords and links in such a way that they don’t look old anymore and give any semblance of the old article. You can do keyword research again to find and replace with new keyword phrases that tick and have huge search volume. You can spread those new keywords across the content. Remove old links that are less relevant and broken.  Check all web pages linked to and correct or improve content on those web pages that are less attractive and getting poor traffic. Remove those pages that have no content, irrelevant content or just inactive. If you can repurpose those links and non-existent pages with new links and pages with relevant, meaningful and useful links and content, they will add value to your Link Building efforts.

Beautify the Overall Content

If you have written the older articles years ago, you could have written for the then audience who may or may not have valued or responded to those content sets. Now that the days have changed, and the people’s expectations and lifestyle have changed far too much. So, it is imperative that you have to decorate the overall content if necessary making deep and diagonal changes like in concept, appeal, literary work, length, breadth and depth of the content. With this beautification of the content, you make these content very appealing and useful to fulfil your Link Building goals and objectives.

Update Information with New Data and Benefits

If certain information and data on your old articles have become obsolete and no longer relevant to the present day and your modern-day audience, remove them off and fix them with new data and information that really add value to your articles and will benefit your audience.

Replace with Exciting New Images

Changing the text and texture of your older content is not just enough. You will have to change the accompanying and supporting images with new and appealing slogans and messages that go in line with the trend and current day expectations of your audience..

Rephrase Titles & Subtitles with New Vigour

Changing titles and subtitles of your older articles and posts are the new necessities because they have already been read by a section of the audience. So, if you can rephrase the older titles and subtitles in modern day language, they will really have more effect and appeal on your audience and impact them.


Content Repurposing as a task does not require so much effort like that of creating altogether a new article from scratch. Because these articles are already researched, thought and produced. You don’t have to study on the same subject but only make cosmetic makeovers and make changes in the style and presentation with new and additional data and information. So, Content Repurposing saves a lot of time, money and efforts for you as a Digital Marketer. Moreover, the efforts that you take in repurposing and reframing the older articles to create these new articles really pay you with rich dividends and results, bettering your SEO scores and helping to fulfill your Digital Marketing goals. Content Repurposing serves as a very useful and purposeful method in your Link Building process too.

Content Repurposing is really worth the effort considering the huge amount of time, money and effort involved in planning, strategizing and creating new content. Original content writing requires new teams, new learning, new research, new calendar and proofreading, inter-departmental coordination, numerous discussions, concept understanding from the base level, expertise and complete new set ups. But, repurposing of the old articles removes all these and just requires you to reorient the old theories to present day ideas, conversations, suggestions, advice and points. Hence, Content Repurposing is the cost-effective way of re-organising your content for your Link Building and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) processes. With more planning, efficient handling, precise controlling and perfect execution, Content Repurposing proves to be a great method and tool in your Digital Marketing arsenal.

Robert Bisson

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