Is SnapTube safe?


With the advancement in technology, SnapTube is getting popular as there are multiple users. But the app is not accessible from the play store and there are other means to download the app by using different platforms like the chrome browser. At the time of installing the app, a warning message will be displayed that says the app is not safe to install. Some users try to ignore these kinds of warning messages. Do see

Getting familiar with the SnapTube app

SnapTube is a Chinese app that was designed to download videos from any social networking platform. Any videos that you want to save can be done so from different websites like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc for free. Multiple users enjoy using the app globally.

It also saves a lot of time for the users and even creates shorter videos that can be shared among your friends on social media sites or your stories on Instagram or WhatsApp status. A few benefits can be enjoyed by premium users like increasing the downloading speed of the videos. This is a free app that all users around the world can have access to.

The pros and cons of using the SnapTube app


  • The app is available freely and anyone can use it as there are no limitations or restrictions.
  • It is user-friendly and easy to operate. The videos can be downloaded quickly within a few minutes or even seconds.


  • The app has limited features as most of its features are accessible to premium users only. To benefit from the additional features, the users must make transactions or pay.
  • The security issue saying that the app is unsafe to use is misleading people. As the user’s information can be shared, security issues are a concern to a few users.
  • Compatibility issues are also faced by some users as downloading the files on your mobile may not be compatible with media files.
  • SnapTube app is not accessible to download from the play store. Initially, when the app was launched it was available at the play store, but now for certain reasons like a violation of policies, and a violation of data where the original contents are altered without considering their copyrights and hence it is no longer available on play store.

Is SnapTube safe to install?

The direct answer to this question is No, as the app is not safe enough to use. But, there are millions of users, and the app has been downloaded more than 40 million times. Despite this, the company was still struggling to make money as expected and because of that, there were some changes made to the application.

When the app gets downloaded, there is automatic clicking on ads, this will lead to user payment information and making certain transactions knowingly or unknowingly. Personal data is also shared with others as there is no privacy or confidentiality. SnapTube also keeps monitoring your activities, and the type of videos that you download to get a sense of the user’s demeanor.

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