How to Validate Security Requirements for Digital Auditing Solution in 2021


Covid-19 has really played on with our lives, not only on a personal level but also a professional level.  It has impacted the way we work in varied areas like work, education, career, and so on.  Many of the employees have been requested to work from home and this calls for a plethora of Internal process workflow, IT Infrastructure, remove workforce management systems and so on. Hence, the need for the right software for tracking these.

There are umpteen advanced employee tracking software system that aid in monitoring and tracking employee productivity.    If the right controls are not exercised, it may result in decreased productivity and loss of man-hours and finances as well.  We have witnessed crucial developments that Covid -19 pandemic has brought about.  In the Education field, there have been significant changes with regards to the manner in which students study.

            During online examinations, the right software would be able to track issues of plagiarism and plain rewriting and so on.  Digital surveillance and auditing have a great aid to an extent, but requirements have been elaborated in the right manner.

Few requirements that would aid for the organisation’s security policy may range from auditing and monitoring compliance along with the right security habits after imparting security awareness training.  Auditing and monitoring of employee accessibility to confident Information on every workstation.  The monitoring system should be able to preserve the audit trails for substation time without compromising on the secured storage formats.

With the right tracking software, employers would be able to keep a check on the specific sites that the employees are visiting, the current work portfolio that they are handling, the applications being used.  The status of every employee can be tracked, irrespective of whether they are working from home or in the office. It also tracks and provides a chart about the amount of time the employee has been away from the computer.

Keylogging recording also records every key that the employees press.  The HR of the organisation can clearly check out what Is typed in any program, be it MS word, webmail, sites visited. Even the passwords that are typed in the programs and websites can be easily captured.  The necessary items ranging from website/application name, window date, title and name are easily recorded and also available for data filtering and quick searching.

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