How to Perform a Successful Social Media Audit with NetbaseQuid


There is no other better way of knowing if the insights you implemented are working or already paid off for your brand than a social media audit. After running an effective audit, you can decide to keep or do away with the insights you discovered in the last year or quarter. If you are not impressed by the direction your social performance is taking, you have to employ more powerful data analytics tools. Performing a social audit will save you money and time by indicating what is not working for your brand before you pour in more finances or time in the strategies. Below is how and why your enterprise should pursue such a review. This is the way you can gain more facebook likes.

Discover and Leverage Emerging Trends

There are always several upcoming seasonal trends like back to school and black Friday that your brand can tap onto. However, you need to fully understand what works with your target audience for you to leverage on such trends. This is why it is vital to know what has been working for your audience all along. Keep off strategies that proved to be useless for your brand. You can achieve such insights by combing through social media conversation related to such occasions that set the precedence for a trend. This can be conversations about upcoming holidays or events.

Create A Social Media Audit Template

Yes, you will have to design a spreadsheet template to keep the exercise organized. And yes, you will have to get down to the details. However, it’s not nearly half as complicated as you think. With all the available superior social media analytics platforms like NetbaseQuid, the exercise should be pretty simple. But you will have to keep up with a regular audit schedule to attain accurate results on the performance of your digital marketing strategies. These audits need to be accessible to your marketing teams; therefore, you can not run an audit in your head, no matter how great your memory is. NetbaseQuid offers pre-designed templates to cut on the creation time.

Review All the Social Media Profile Your Brand Holds

Here, you will have to find all the social media profiles you have ever created for your brand. It includes not only the big social platforms but also those unpopular profiles you started and forgot about five years ago. You will have to revisit the old YouTube accounts that you long forgot about. With the NetbaseQuid social media audit template, there are tabs for all major networks and also allowance to add new tabs for any additional platforms you may be using. After listing all your social profiles, you will then have to prioritize the major platforms you wish to focus on depending on your company.

Analyze the Profiles and Identify Top Performing Social Media Posts

Now that you are away of which social media profiles you wish to audit; your next move should be digging into the data and determine what’s working for your brand. This is the major part of the audit since it shows what you should keep, what needs some improvement and where you are losing your marketing dollars. The process is simplified by the notes available on the pre-designed templates. Once you start keying in the data, it will be obvious to your which channels are worthwhile looking into. You can then follow up by identifying social media posts that are resonating and engaging with your audience. This will help improve your content strategy.

Calculate Your ROI

If you fail to calculate your ROI, you may end up investing much time and resources on activities that are not offering any value in return. It important that not everything will work for your brand. Some strategies will simply never pay off, no matter the input you make towards them. Use your ROI results to inform your social media budgets. After obtaining this data, you should make better-informed marketing decisions and create new, better objectives and business goals. With NetbaseQuid, you have a vast array of social media auditing tools at your disposal. These tools are used together or individually to better your marketing efforts and realize your business goals. Check this blog.