How Often Should Your Fire Sprinklers Be Tested And Inspected?


Your fire protection equipment may include a sprinkler system. It is likely that this sprinkler system is in your facility. These systems are often the first line defense in case of an emergency, such as a fire breaking out. Sprinklers are an integral part of any fire safety plan. It is important to have them tested and inspected regularly to ensure they perform at their best. You may be wondering what frequency you should inspect and test your sprinkler systems, whether you’re a manager or business owner.

How Often Should Fire Sprinklers be Inspected?

Sprinkler systems can be made up of many different parts. This includes switches, gauges, pipes, and more. They need to be inspected at different intervals to ensure they are suitable for their intended purpose- click here to find out more about testing sprinkler flow with portasonic

Here are the recommended inspection times for the various elements of a sprinkler-system:


It is vital that sprinkler systems have gauges. They should be checked in dry, pre-action, and deluge systems at least once per week to ensure they are functioning properly. Wet pipe gauges are able to last for a month without needing another inspection.


You will need to have additional inspections performed every three months. This includes water flow alarm devices and valve alarm devices as well as control valves, signal, signal, hydraulic nameplates and fire department connections.

Each year

Inspections then move to the fittings and pipework, hangar/seismic bracing and signage, as well as the sprinklers.

Every five years

It is a good idea to inspect the sprinkler system’s internal pipes, and to check for blockages.

How Often Should Fire Sprinkler Systems be Tested?

Although testing is similar to inspections, it involves the actual use of equipment to verify that it functions as intended. Testing is done at a lower frequency than inspections.


It is recommended that all fire sprinkler devices be tested every three months.


It is recommended that pressure switch and vane type devices be checked every six months.

Each year

Each year, a fire sprinkler system should be tested. Technicians will inspect every component of your system from water flow and fire pump testing to alarm tests and trip checks of dry pipe, pre-action and deluge valves.

Every five years

You should conduct precautionary tests on sprinklers that are exposed to extreme temperatures or harsh environments at this time. All types of sprinkler systems must be tested and/or repaired at this point.

Every 10 years

After ten years, dry sprinkler systems should have to be tested and/or repaired. Fast-response sprinklers need to be tested every 20 years, at 10-year intervals thereafter, and standard sprinklers at 50 years. Then at each subsequent 10-year interval.

What else should you expect during the process of testing and inspection?

You should not only instruct firefighters to perform the checks within the specified timeframes, but also ask outside technicians for additional assistance. You should ask them to point out any problems that might affect the performance of any electrical or mechanical components. All good inspection and fire testing companies must also give a complete report on the work done by their technicians, along with recommendations for corrective steps to comply with fire standards.


Your fire safety plan should include any type of fire sprinkler system. You must ensure that your fire sprinkler system is properly maintained and regularly tested in order to be ready for any eventuality. Hire qualified personnel who can perform these tasks and then use their reports to improve the performance of your sprinkler system.

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