How Can Companies Ensure Text Messaging Compliance?


Text messaging is increasingly becoming popular among telemarketers for companies. Through this communication means, businesses can reach a wider audience and better communicate with their employees. Text messages are nonetheless effective for advertising products and services effectively and improving workflow. However, enterprises must observe text messaging compliance to avoid unexpected violations.

In the US alone, regulatory commissions are serious about enforcing compliance. Given this, companies must stay compliant with the prevailing laws in the following ways:

Understanding the Existing Regulations

Different federal and state laws govern text messaging usage, especially for business purposes. These policies can penalize organizations that fail to adhere. Some established rules that organizations must follow include Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).

Telemarketers are prohibited from sending message alerts to consumers unpermitted, as provided by the TCPA. On the other hand, the FDCPA governs debt collection activities, including communication with debtors. Learning these laws is crucial for compliance to know the dos and don’ts. Regulatory boards cannot accept explanations that the business is uninformed about compliance.

Getting Consent from Consumers

According to TCPA, companies must obtain the consumer’s written consent before they can finally send messages to the person’s phone number. Because of this, getting permission from the individual is a must. This also applies to old subscribers, so enterprises must pay due diligence when importing a contact list. 

Aside from getting their consumer’s written consent, telemarketers can also do the following to get consent legally:

  • Let the person input their phone number in the digital copy of the terms and condition
  • Let the person sign a physical copy of the terms and conditions physically
  • Let the personreply to the advertisement that contains the terms and conditions using the keyword provided

Investing in Text Message Archiving

Once the consumer opted-in to the service, companies must archive every interaction done through text. Text message archiving is also important for compliance, given that regulatory boards ask for archived text messages. In future disagreements with a client, businesses can use captured messages to defend themselves in court.

Companies must only work with a trusted mobile archiving company to get the best and secure text message archiving solution. LeapXpert is one of the SMS archivers that businesses can trust. Contact them today for more information.



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