HKJC Exclusive Right to All Forms of Legal Wagering


Horserace betting was and prevailing primary pastime for people of Hong Kong, though universally it is a waning sports betting, in Hong Kong, it thrives. In 2016 and 2017, HKJC routed around HK$216.5 billion in horse racing. The government revenue was around HK$21.7, making HKJC the largest single taxpayer. Most of the people in the horserace track are citizens or visitors of Hong Kong. HKJC formed an alliance with Ladbrokes Corporal Group of UK, permitting British citizens to bet on horseracing in Hong Kong through the partnered website. Formerly Hong Kong was a British colony, and the Englishmen introduced horse racing in the region, so the legacy continues.

Mahjong is the only exemption

The Hong Kong Jockey Club (HKJC) was established in 1884, a non-profit organization using its revenue on a social cause. HKJC was initiated as a non-profit organization, but in 1977 it was declared an authorized gambling establishment. The resolution of the Gambling Ordinance gave HKJC exclusive right to all forms of legal wagering in the country, with mahjong being the only exemption. To watch lottery results and horseracing outcomes, visit HK data today 2021 (data hkhariini 2021) website they upload results regularly. They conduct three types of gambling; horseracing, football/soccer betting, and Mark Six lottery.

Section 4

Section 4 of the Gambling Ordinance Hong Kong states gaming is legitimate if it is with mahjong or tin Kau tiles are used. Mahjong is similar to rummy played with ornamented tiles; playing this game is lawful but with certain conditions. Hong Kong Ordinance permits the playing of mahjong in an authorized gambling establishment; mahjong establishments are allowed to run this game in lieu of small fees. The establishments are called Mahjong Schools as they were established prior to the legislation. The law enforcement agency started giving permission to operate in 1956. However, the police were not authorized to give incense to gambling activities; they called these business schools to get rid of the regulation.

Casino cruise

Earlier, there were one hundred-forty Mahjong Schools in Hong Kong. At present, there are only six establishing the down curve popularity of the game. One of the reasons for declining popularity could be online casinos from where people could play mahjong and other enchanting casino games. Another option to enjoy gambling is to book a reservation on a casino cruise; these ships sail into international water, after a few hours of gambling, they come back to shore. Else take a vacation to Macau; there are many opulent casino resorts.

Apart from horse racing, Hong Kong people love other sports betting, but there are few opportunities to fulfill their desires. The Hong Kong government declared football betting legal in 2003, hoping that it would provide ample entertainment to its people. During the 2014 World Cup, there was around HK$500 billion worth of illegal wagering, consequential losses of HK$12 billion loss to HKJC. The inclusion of football betting curbed illegal wagering, but temporarily. According to a report published by Oxford Economics, illegal gamblers spend more money than legal players, irrespective of the type of gambling. You will find results of all legitimate lottery and sports betting results on (data HK HariIni 2021) website.

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