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Huawei had already embarked on noise-canceling headphones, but the Chinese manufacturer had broken its teeth last year. He returns to the charge with the FreeBuds Pro, noise-canceling true wirereless headphones this time with in-ear tips.

A year ago, Huawei launched its FreeBuds 3. It was then the first true wireless noise canceling headphones from the brand and as much to say that they had disappointed us. Since then, the manufacturer has caught up with its FreeBuds 3i and found the right formula by adding passive isolation to active noise reduction. It is once again this formula that has been adopted by Huawei for its new high-end headphones, the Huawei FreeBuds Pro.

A Very Inspired Design

When we discover the case of the Huawei freebuds 4 for the first time, we discover a case halfway between that of the FreeBuds 3 and that of the AirPodsPro . It must be said that this will be the leitmotif of FreeBuds Pro in terms of design.

From the case of the FreeBuds 3, that of the FreeBuds Pro takes the rounded shape, all smooth, with a simple plate stamped “Huawei” on the back. We will also find the discreet pairing button on the right of the case and a simple USB-C socket at the bottom. AirPods Pro we will find this time the elongated format of the case. Unlike last year’s models, the FreeBuds Pro this time does not fit in a circular charging case, but in an oval-shaped case, with dimensions of 70 x 51.3 x 24.6 mm and a weight of 60 grams. This is small enough to allow the case to be easily stored in a jeans pocket.

The opening of the case is rather simple, even with one hand, and without notch or hook provided for the finger

Nevertheless, it’s a different kettle of fish to get out of the headphones. It must be said that the magnetic grip is rather strong and that Huawei did not leave a lot of room to easily catch the fingers. Note also that the inside of the case accommodates a simple RGB LED which will allow to give an overview of the state of charge of the headphones.

Once the FreeBuds Pro out of their housing, we again discover a format that is strongly reminiscent of the AirPods Pro. Here we have earphones in cotton swab format with relatively short stems. Nevertheless, Huawei made a strange choice with these rods since they are not tubes, but parallelepipeds with four angles. However, this format, which is justified by the controls as we will see later, does not fundamentally affect the comfort of FreeBuds Pro.


As for the headphones themselves, Huawei has learned the lesson of the FreeBuds 3i and opted for an in-ear format. Admittedly, this format is not suitable for everyone – some may be disturbed by the invasive side of the tips in the ear canal – but the headphones have the merit of offering good passive isolation. In addition, this format guarantees comfort, precisely thanks to the flexible end caps. Results, even after two to three hours of use in the ears, the FreeBuds Pro don’t hurt esgourds, unlike some open fit headphones with solid tips.

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