Church Management Software: The Tech to Automate Your Church Operations


Church Management Software can help churches and religious groups to manage their working easily and automate their daily functions. Automation has leveraged the functioning of business organizations from different sectors. Now it is time for religious organizations like churches to use the technology and take advantage of it.

Church and technology might not seem to be a perfect mix for you. So, let us clear some misconceptions and see the bigger picture of what it means to implement technology at your church.

Technology & the Church: Facts And Figures

In the past, tech and church is the unlikely pair. However, things are starts to change recently, as many churches are now using social media platforms, apps, and the internet to reach out to more people. CHMS can be the next big step that your church can take and avail maximum benefit from it.

Here are a few stats for you that can help you understand the tech and church can work together: 

  • About 74% of people use smartphones or tablets to read the bible. 
  • About 54% of church leaders have no problem with using technology at their church.
  • 77.3% of the church are now using twitter to operate
  • 46.1 % of churches like the social media platform and see it as an effective way of reaching out to people.

The above stats clearly show the boosting friendship between church and technology. Technology can help the church to improve its functioning. The Church Management Software is the next wave of change that you can ride and enjoy all the benefits of being an early user.

What Church Management Software do for you?

  • Streamline Common Administrative Tasks

The software can help you automate operations like service support, reporting, work coordination, emails, information dissemination, and many others.

  • Easy Tracking of Resources

Another feature of CHMS is accounting and fiancé management. You can now get a proper financial report about the donations and track the resources of your church. You can keep tabs about contribution, utilization of resources, and prepare a financial statement. 

  • Better Communication

The church is an organization that needs better ways to communicate, CHMS helps you to reach church member by facilitating them daily with news, updates, and developments. 

  • Monitor The Growth Of The Congregation.

CHMS can help you know about your growth as is create databases about new people joining and keep you updated about daily attendance at church.