Are you looking for an experienced UI UX Designer in Dubai?


If you can’t figure out why your users are bouncing. Codeguru solutions has the answer. We were having a problem with our waterpark ecommerce website. Visitors were reaching our homepage without any action. The bounce rate of the website was 93% which is considered too high. This is where we called Code Guru and arranged a zoom meeting to figure out the problem. A huge team attended the meeting from UI/UX designers, marketing managers, to web developers in order to analyze the website.

The team took the notes and went back with a well-defined report and facts. The design of the website was very elegant but its functionality was very complicated. So the previous agency didn’t work on the UI/UX design. 

Code Guru took the website from scratch and started working on it and most importantly started working on its UI/UX design. We are not gonna lie to you, the process took a whole month but the results were amazing! We were able to decrease the bounce rate from 93% to 76% in just a few weeks from the launching. And till now, Code Guru is still doing the A/B test to keep on decreasing the percentage and make it below 50%. 

Code Guru offers innovative solutions in designing UI/UX websites according to your business needs through a qualified team to achieve your goals on various electronic platforms, taking into account the requirements of the target audience.

In order to reach a professional website design, many tools and techniques that help the success of your website on the Internet are required. Code Guru provides a team of specialists in programming and website design who have the competence to produce work that deserves to represent your business on the Internet.

Code Guru specialized in designing and developing websites is the perfect solution for your company. They also work on your business branding, social media management, SEO, and many more. 

What can we say? Professionalism? Dedication? Persistence? And everything in between! We love you Code Guru! Thank you for all the hard work and effort you put in our ecommerce website to make it flourish again. Thank you for saving us a lot of money and time, without you we couldn’t know what was the problem, the challenge and fear we were living was so traumatizing, a lot of money were invested in this website with the previous company but we believe that our journey with Code Guru will continue and will be successful.