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If your HR employees are swamped with documentation, you can make their lives easier with Checkbox Workflow Software. At the app template gallery of, you will find a wide variety of templates that can be customized to fit your HR needs. By automating these templates, Checkbox can make several manual-intensive processes faster and more efficient. Let’s look at some templates your HR department can benefit from.

WFH Support

Due to the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, several companies have decided to ask their employees to stick to the WFH (work-from-home) model. If your business too belongs to this league, you can use Checkbox’s WFH support templates to provide your employees with guidelines and additional support they need to work efficiently and safely from their homes.

Automation features: Instead of using manual forms, you can use to create dynamic smart forms online to collect information about your employees’ WFH setups, provide them with a checklist of the best practices for such setups, offer advice on improving these setups, help them claim for items they have purchased for work, and seek feedback on their WFH experience.

Based on the information your employees share via these smart forms, you can use logic and decision-making to offer them quick and relevant self-service advice. Additionally, by making these forms easily accessible over multiple offices and branches, you can make it easier for your employees to claim WFH expenses and provide feedback.

Bulk Employee Letter Generation

Drafting letters for your employees that are personalized to each of them with respect to different factors like salary and variable clauses is a time-consuming process. With the bulk employee letter generation template of, you can now automate the process. You could easily use the Checkbox template as your master template, which you can edit to generate personalized letters. Uploading employee information is made easy with Checkbox’s one-click bulk upload. With easy integrations to collect e-signatures automatically and effortless storage of all your signed letters – either within Checkbox or routing them to your document repositories, you can make the entire process faster and seamless.

Automation features: With Checkbox’s form-based user interface, your new employees can easily and quickly provide their basic details. The interface is capable of dynamic capture of information based on the employee’s pay grade, role, etc. You can even leverage the data of your present employees by using Checkbox’s bulk upload functionality to pre-fill employee details.

After you have drafted the letter, you can use the human-in-the-loop workflow functionality of to seek quick approvals from hiring managers or HR supervisors, who can speedily edit, approve, or send it back for additional information.

Once the letter is finalized, you can use the software’s e-sign integrations to get it automatically sent to all required signatories (and even other relevant cc’d parties) to get it returned as a fully signed agreement.

For process administrators, managing and monitoring the audit and progress trails of all these letters is made easier by the Checkbox Dashboards. For a free personalised demo, visit the website and go to the ‘contact us’ page.

Checkbox USA offers several other templates to help your HR personnel, which include employee engagement surveys, employee performance review, bespoke interview guide generator, and job description generator, among others.

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