A Guide To Buying TV Wall Mounts


Once you have got yourself a smart TV, you’ll have to figure out a place to mount it where you can view it optimally. For this, you require a wall mount that supports your television and fixes it properly to the wall. 

TV wall mounts usually come with the hardware required to fix your mount but if you are installing your TV on a plaster or masonry surface, you will have to get stronger hardware. With the wide range of wall mounts available online, it is important to consider a few things before you get one. 

Specifications: Check out the exact specifications, especially the size and weight of the TV you have bought to find a wall mount compatible with it. Check the VESA size, which is the standard mounting pattern used by most TV brands. 

Tilt/Pivot: Think of whether you want your wall mount to swivel side to side, full-motion, or be fixed. This feature is useful when you want your TV to point in another direction, maybe to watch it from a different room. If your TV is being mounted above-average eye level (42 inches), get a wall mount that tilts down to optimize picture quality. These mounts allow the TV to be separated from the wall by at least 2 inches. They will also solve the reflection or glare problem when you watch the screen from a different angle. But if your TV is fixed at the perfect height, a slim, fixed mount will take up less space and give a sleeker and more stylish look to your setup.

Arm: While some wall mounts keep the TV close to the wall, some have an arm that helps the television extend a few inches from the surface of the wall.

Corner: If you want to mount your TV in a corner, you will need a specially designed, fully connecting corner mount. The mounting plate will be fastened to the surface and keep the TV extended at all times. 

Ceiling: If you have a brick wall or if your home lacks space for a wall mount, it is most beneficial to use a ceiling mount. 

Some other things to consider are the cost of the wall mount and its quality. It is essential to buy a high-quality wall mount for an expensive TV. In this regard, PrimeCables wall mounts are of superior quality and are available at affordable prices online. 

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