A Guide About Face Shields – How to Pick Out the Good Ones from The Mediocre Ones? 


    Face shields have become one of the most imminent parts of our lives. Which is why you must be very careful when buying them. So, considering their importance, we have made a buying guide so that you can learn about the features that you shouldn’t miss out on when buying a face shield. 

    Let’s get started.

    1. Buy an FDA approved Product Only

    An FDA approved product is quality assured. Such products make a use of high-quality materials like the commercial and industrial grade plastic and a PETG screen. 

    Precisely, you mustn’t compromise on this feature and one of the places where there’s going to be a guarantee that you’ll be getting FDA approved products only is Lezar 3D visiere

    1. Buy Washable Face Shields that Can be Sterilized 

    One of the biggest things that your customers would want is to buy a product that is economical. It can be measured in terms of the longevity of the product. Which is why buying a washable face shield like the V Series Face Shields by Lezar 3D visiere is the best option. That’s because:

    • Their products can be washed using normal regular household solvents and detergents. In other words their maintenance cost is very low. 
    • They can be sterilized at high temperatures.

    Some such Lezar 3D visiere de protection products include the following.

    1. The V-RAD Face Shield – Priced at 14 Canadian dollars + taxes, this face shield has a 0.02 inch thick PETG screen that is interchangeable. It also has an adjustable elastic band.
    2. Face Shield V-129 – Priced at 15 Canadian dollars + taxes, this is a super durable face shield with an interchangeable screen that has 0.02 inch thickness and is easy to clean and easier to remove. It also features an elastic band that can be adjusted according to the face size. 
    3. Face Shield PPE DTLZ3D – This reusable face shield is priced at 15 Canadian dollars + taxes. It features an interchangeable PETG screen. 
    4. Buy a Product That’s Affordable

    An affordable high-quality face shield like the 3 mentioned above will cost you somewhere between 14 to 15 CAD. You can also buy these products at wholesale prices for bigger orders. You can send your requests for 100 pieces, 1000 pieces, and 5000 pieces at info@lezar3d.com.

    You can also visit their website, https://www.lezar3d.com/ for more details. 



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