10 Things You Can Do with a Smart Power Outlets


Nowadays, smart outlets are very important in any home, office, school and many more. This is a small device that can interact with smartphones and respond to it. And it is affordable you can buy it online. To use a smart outlet or smart plug, you have to insert it into a common wall outlet. The setup is very simple. You have to install the mobile app of the company where you have purchased your smart power outlet and then connect the smart plug to your personal Wi-Fi. You have to control whether you want to on it or off it from your mobile app. There is more advantage of using a smart power outlet. You can use hands-free voice command and decreases your electricity bill. A smart plug requires Wi-Fi (2.4GHz) to use it properly.

Smart Plug Can Be Used Outside?

There are smart plugs you can use outdoor. Outdoor smart plugs are bigger and waterproof. Yes, you can use it outside.

10 Things You Can Do With A Smart Power Outlets 

  • Smart Phone Charging:- You can charge your phone with a smart plug like a normal power plug. But smart plug charges mobile, tabs, laptops, and many different devices. People know that if you charge your device more means more than it’s required. It will destroy the battery and decreases battery life. But when you use a smart plug, you can select the time required to charge and set it. Smart plug decreases the risk of overcharging and also save Electricity.
  • Saves Electricity:- You can select standby power. It can give you 10% of the Electricity if you are purchasing the company’s finest product. You can use standby power in computers, printers, tabs, coolers, heaters, microwave oven, fridge, TVs, DVD players, and gaming consoles. It’s even better if you already are connected to local electricity companies that offer renewable energy plans, which are going to help you save energy and lower the power bill.
  • Wi-Fi Routers:- Wi-Fi routers cause overheating and slow internet. Normally the problem can be easily solved by restarting the Wi-Fi router. A smart plug can easily be fixed this problem by turning the Wi-Fi router on and off. But to work, you have to connect it with a smartphone. You can also make a coffee cup with the help of smart plugs.
  • Radios:- You can turn your radio on and off by smartphone. If you like to listen to the news in the morning by radio, then a smart plug is the best choice.
  • Air Purifiers:- Pollution is a big problem in the world. It affects the health of humans and animals too. It affects and makes the lungs weak. You can turn on your air purifier by smart plug and select that the air purifier should on twice or thrice daily on a specific time, which you have set in the smart plug. And if your air purifier can check the air that it is good or not and if it is bad, it will automatically start and purify the air.
  • Humidifiers And Dehumidifiers: If you use humidifiers And dehumidifiers so you can control the humidifiers’ settings from a smart plug. With a smart plug, you can adjust the time for how much time you have to on the humidifiers. And also select on which time it should be on in 24 hours.
  • Different Places Of Wall Outlet:- In every house, there is a wall outlet where you cannot use it because it’s difficult to connect an adaptor to use it. The outlet must be in a place like the back of any furniture like sofa, bed, table and many more. To use this socket, it’s hard. With the help of a smart plug, you can control all the sockets and things like light, fan, bulb, AC, and many more. You can decrease your electricity bill by using smart plugs and controlling the devices that are not in use, then your electricity bill will become low, and you can save your money more. You can also control it with voice commands. It’s easy and simple to use this feature. When you want to control Lights and other devices, the devices must also have the ability to connect to the smart plug by Bluetooth and respond to it.
  • Control Lights:- If it is Christmas and you wanna have a great time with your friends and show them how your lights work fantastic. You can control from anywhere in the house with your mobile no need to walk until the sockets, and the wires are connected. And when it is night, and you are tired of enjoying the party of Christmas, and you went to take a nap or sleep and forget to off the lights because it’s night, so no need to worry you have your phone with you. You can easily switch off the light of the room and, of course, every room that is connected with the smart plug.
  • Afraid Of Thief: If you are going out on a weekend or some holiday and are afraid, some intruder may enter your house and have tension about that. If you have a smart plug, you just need to connect the lights of your house to the WiFi, and you will be able to control it with your smartphone. You can on and off your lights at the correct like if you are in the house. By seeing this, any people will think that you are inside the house, and any unknown person will not come to your house. This is a big advantage of using smart power outlets. If you want to purchase a smart plug, you can get information from the Tuya Smart website.
  • Control Your Devices: – You got kids, and you want to see your kids studying and not watch more TV and play console games. You went out and gave them permission to watch TV for an only limited time. Still, the kid is watching more than the time so what you will do is you are away from home you will take your smartphone, and you will get to know that the TV is on you will press the button off, and the TV will become off, and your child will get to know that parents know what they are doing. By this, you can know what was your kids were doing when you were not in the house.

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